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We understand and help bridge the distance between corporate aspiration and innovation & business model delivery.

No insta-experts here, just world-beating experience, tools, network and passion. Status quo and innovation theatre are no longer options. We help translate marketplace trends and innovation potential into real business. Let’s anticipate AND deliver your future now.

Futureproofing : Next© will help deliver bespoke innovation solutions sized for your organization, your teams and your leadership.  Find out how we outsmart, outdesign & outdeliver.


Are you scanning  marketplace trends and emerging technologies for attractive new futures?

Can you accurately assess the strengths & gaps inside your four walls?

Navigate the future complexities, key growth drivers and important implications to your business.

We help you see the future clearer

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Are you exploring & validating the smartest business models, products, services and experiences?

Have you given a portfolio of ideas oxygen to breathe & discipline to fail?

Discover paths & tools fitted for your company aspiration, situation & size.


We help you focus where you want to be


Have you figured out the “how” behind your innovation and transformation? 

Are you optimizing your commercialization potential & speed?

Overcome firefighting & learn how to marry corporate innovation to business strategies & growth.

We help you COMMIT & Get winning ideas over the finiSh line


Given the headlines you read everyday, you might think startups are the only ones that can innovate effectively, We don’t happen to agree.

We think it’s high time for blue chip organizations and scaling companies to go on the offensive and find, filter and fast track their ideas.

Unlike many creative boutiques, it’s not just hope and ideas that will reverse the tide, but decison-based rigor, focus, process, mindset and implementation.

So … we’re sending the “bat signal” to all change agents, a “clarion call” to all intrapreneurs. Let’s think big and act small, and climb aboard to the next station of innovation.

Silicon Valley hustle meets corporate innovation smarts meets foresights from the global edge.

We wondered what would happen if we married the agility and lean approach of startups, with the proven scale and unfair advantages of corporate innovation, and binded it to global future foresight network operating slightly ahead of our time. Our hatchling: Futureproofing : Next. 

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Futureproofing ; Next is getting your future innovation conveyor belt moving quickly and seamlessly by tackling the four things larger companies don’t do well currently:


  • See – companies tend to be blinded to marketplace threats and opportunities and have difficulty aligning on their top internal assets and external gaps.
  • Learn – companies don’t tend to build a sustainable, scalable and disciplined process to explore ideas and validate possibilities.
  • Decide – companies are notoriously bad at pinpointing opportunities, focusing on the best ones and making them bigger by capturing larger footprints & value.
  • Commit – without stewardship, incentives, internal promotion and resilience, innovation gets stuck when it meets head on with company culture, leadership and the forces of commercialization.

Let's Do Innovation Better

Nearly everybody wants a healthy stream of innovation, not many know how to get it. In a recent survey, “Innovation” was ranked 18th out of 23 core activities that a company performs. We simply need to do better.  Futureproofing: Next’s co-founder Andrea Kates explains how we plan to do it.

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The Futureproofing : Next foundry is always shaping things, building stuff, asking difficult questions, revealing uncomfortable truths and getting the world’s most innovative minds and change performers to collide .

Our team of change agents

Co-founders Andrea Kates and Sean Moffitt have paired decades of corporate strategy, innovation, technology practitioner & thoughtleader experience into a venture that also brings together a hive of the top 60+ minds and actors in corporate innovation.

Andrea kates

Andrea kates





OUR Global futureproofing network

OUR Global futureproofing network

Over 30 Innovation Areas,

13,000 Teams Better Off

“The Futureproofing : Next process equips teams to understand important components that drive corporate innovation including discovering unspoken customer truths, insights about an imagined future, and how to bring together trends and technologies and apply them to solving business problems. The result is like a crystal ball for future customer desires and behaviors with immediate action steps for product and service strategy.  The team is knowledgeable and savvy.  They do such a great job of sharing their deep experience in way that empowers their clients to immediately repeat the process themselves and get results.”

Jamie Foucher, Innovation, Ford

“Futureproofing : Next was instrumental in helping our leadership team develop a vision for Finance at Stitch Fix. Finance as a discipline is undergoing dramatic changes, and they helped us develop a roadmap that embraces and pioneers this future. Through deft facilitation, they were empathetic listeners yet also persisted in getting us to the truth. In the end the answer was always there; they helped us find it and make it our own.”

Paul Yee, CFO

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You’ll never utter again “that would never work for my team”, “our industry is too slow-moving”, “our leadership is too obstinate” or “our organziation resists change too much”.



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