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A 90 day, online course & global training platform & experience built with, and for corporate change agents, CxOs and innovators. Designed for a post-pandemic, fast-approaching future. Starts March 26th, 2021. 

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01. LEARN THE CHANGE OPERATING SYSTEM FOR THE 2020s  — Paint the Future Beyond Innovation

Understand Futureproofing’s “See, Learn, Decide & Commit” change architecture  — the most rigorous  learnings and path designed to deliver innovation++ success in the 2020s.

Acquire the innovator’s mindset and tools for this decade’s corporate change mandates.

02 BRIDGE CORPORATE  INNOVATiON’s TOP CHALLENGES  Designed for a Post-Pandemic World

Get corporate change, innovation & transformation out of its current small boxes and unleash leaders in driving growth & impact. Learn what actually works with real marketplace evidence.

We help you reimagine the organization of the future, and provide you the roadmap to get there. 


Not academic principles, traditional mindsets or innovation theatre, but leading edge, practitioner-based experiences.  Provides THE resources to deliver BETTER, BIGGER, BOLDER & SIMPLER FUTURES.

We get you unstuck and guide you to innovation++ that you can actually take to the bank.


The What ... Things You'll Learn Uniquely with Futureproofing U, Not Offered Anywhere Else:
  • Build significantly broader change perspectives  — five levels and six types of corporate innovation++ effectively
  • Elevate your competency in understanding the future socio-economic, marketplace, culture, technology, customer and post-pandemic landscapes and signals
  • Discover out-of-the-box, new-to-the-world change assets, canvases and tools that help get your corporate and scale-up ventures to next
  • Identify thirty practitioner change levers, flaws of other innovation schools and key blindspots for the 2020s’ decade ahead
  • Find out how to amplify change agendas and remove barriers to transformation inside your companies
  • Get fluent on the best performers, models, benchmarks & blueprints for launching, leading & commercializing innovation++
  • Discover a new “See, Learn, Decide, Commit” roadmap designed to overcome the biggest practitioner challenges
  • Cover off areas of change as a complete end-to-end system,, lending weight to important areas that get scant attention by other innovation training
  • Learn and network alongside executive level peers in a customized, supportive learning environment 

The Who ... The Types of People & Situations FuturEproofing U is Designed For:
  • Change Agents & Corporate Innovation Officers tasked with spearheading change
  • Executive Leaders & CxOs accountable for championing and sponsoring innovation
  • Functional Leads, VPs & Directors in charge of planning, operationalizing & commercializing innovation++
  • Corporate Venturists, Partner Development functions and Open Innovators navigating ecosystems of change
  • R&D Leaders. Research Groups and Special Project Heads on the front lines of innovation
  • Key Strategists, Policy Makers & Planners guiding direction of overall change & growth efforts
  • Edge Organizations, Incubators & Partners helping support change agendas
  • Educators & Trainers looking to teach at the vanguard of innovation and change for the marketpace of the 2020s
  • Not-for-Profit Leaders considering future possibilities and pivots in how they model their causes in the future
The Why ... Futureproofing U IS FUNDAMENTALLY Different Than Other Executive Training:
  • Contains approaches  that work in real marketplace & workplace settings
  • Breakthrough access and exposure to a proprietary change architecture
  • Fresh leadership, management & creative tools & assets
  • Identify the early signals from the future with a rigorous understanding of the eight different change domains
  • Practical real-life case studies, in-market examples and global perspectives
  • Bulletproofed, corporate-proofed & futureproofed by instructors who are recognized leaders in Global 2000 change circles
  • Value-added content, network and insight opportunities to participate beyond the course curriculum 
  • Peer learn alongside a cohort of executives encountering the same type of barriers you are facing
  • Unlike most other training, Futureproofing U is designed to provide bespoke coaching, not impersonal “runaway and watch” videos
  • the 90-day program format provides the right cadence to have new behaviours sink in
The How ... FutureproofiNg U's Corporate-proofed DELIVERY of Impact:
  • Used by 13,000 teams and 300+ clients
  • Modelled with our proprietary Futureproofing “See, Learn, Decide, Commit” Roadmap
  • 50+ Futurepoofing canvases and tools
  • Informed by 25+ cutting-edge, foresight intelligence studies
  • Guided by learnings from 250 global-leading companies
  • Three principal instructors who are global thought leaders & practitioners of corporate innovation scenes
  • Over fifteen forums for opportunity to participate during & after the course
  • Learn alongside 50+ global CxO, Change Leader and Executive Level peers
  • Training delivery includes: 16 hours of interactive class time, 8 hours of peer learning and 8 hours of video exploring in-depth
  • Mix of interactive lecture-based, discussion-based, case-based, collaborative-learning based and personal learn-based teaching methods


A 90 Day, Online Course & Global Training Experience & Platform Will Immeasurably Improve Your Innovation Performance, Future-readiness, Applied Skills & Change Leadership Traits

2021 Cohort Available Now – March 26 -JUNE 18th, 2021


For executive leaders & senior level corporate change agents learning:

  • to seize and sense opportunities from early signals and purpose-driven motives
  • to imagine and validate a bolder palette of innovation++ concepts
  • to determine best routes and venturing practices for corporate innovation and
  • to actually get to next through commercializing, leadership & scaling growth skills. 

We’ll tour through : starting or reigniting change efforts, front-, middle- and back-end innovation practices for the 2020s, and creating sustaining cultures for repeatable success. 

The course covers off our #Next30 set of change levers and has six general camps of changemaker coverage:  Innovation++ & Business Models ◘  Growth & Customers  ◘ Technology + Ventures  ◘ Leadership, Purpose & Strategy ◘ Futures & Cross-Industry Trends  ◘  Talent & Transformation.


#1 Built with, and for Effective Change Leaders & Innovators

#2 Custom-made for a Faster, Post-Pandemic World & Future

#3 Designed for Corporate Innovation and Scaleups

#4 A Curated Field Guide for What Works with Evidence to Prove It


Module # 1 — SEE : Future-proofing Innovation++ —The Next Three Years (Weeks #1-3)

Focus: SEE. Getting clear on your aspiration for “next” and establishing future-readiness.

  • Understanding What’s Changed
  • Toplining Futureproofing & innovation++
  • Getting Started/Reigniting Efforts
  • Overcoming Key Barriers & Challenges
  • Team Charters,, Ambitions & DNA
  • Harnessing North Stars & Purpose
  • Assessing Future-readiness
  • Mining Outside-in Integrated Forces
  • Exploring Foresights & Cross Industry Reapplications & Scenarios
  • Navigating Technology with Customers
  • Crafting Portfolios & Challenge Statements
Module # 2 — LEARN : Future-proofing Tools, Lenses & Possibilities (Weeks #4-6):

Focus: LEARN. Building objectively winning ideas with cross-Industry, business models, technology and ecosystems with intuition & data..

  • Generating Resonant Ideas/Concepts
  • Imagining Wider Fields of Possibility
  • Applying Leading Technologies
  • Widening Cross Industry Apertures
  • Developing Intriguing Business Models
  • Designing Experiments & Prototypes
  • Gauging Customer/Stakeholder Potential
  • Conquering Innovation++ Biases
  • Codifying Futureproofing Metrics
  • De-risking Innovation
  • Leapfrogging Forward
Module # 3 — DECIDE : Routes to Innovation++ — Developing a Corp. Venturing Mindset (Weeks #7-9)

Focus: DECIDE. Pinpointing areas of expansion and getting a clear understanding of the value & path forward.

  • The Rise of The Venture Technologist
  • Pinpointing Areas of Expansion
  • Marshalling Transformative Technology
  • Leveraging Co-creation & Ecosystems
  • Evaluating Strongest Routes-to-Market
  • Prioritizing, Sorting & Triaging Ventures
  • Generating Innovation++ Value
  • Mastering Pilots & Advance Market Tests
  • Aligning Paths Moving Forward
  • Triggering Milestones & Guideposts
  • Resourcing Go-to-Market Action Plans
Module # 4 — COMMIT : Getting to Next — Commercial-ization, Culture & Sustainable Ventures (Weeks #10-12):

Focus: COMMIT. Developing commercialization execleence through growth, scaling innovation++, sustainable cultures, leadership skills, habits, guilds & centres for excellence.

  • Achieving Escape Velocity
  • Scaling Innovation++
  • Tapping into Corporate-Sized Advantages
  • Enlisting Buy-in and Org.-Wide Integration
  • Creating Futureproofed Cultures
  • Honing Futureproofing Leadership Skills
  • Crafting Compelling Narratives
  • Conquering Innovation++ Biases
  • Balancing Core & Edge-Integrate or Separate
  • Sustaining Assets—Sensors, Guilds & Banks
  • Where to From Here & Futureproofing X


Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates

Managing Director, Futureproofing : Next

The Cross-industry Revenue Accelerator

A global corporate transformation specialist, tech startup CEO, and expert in “business innovation you can take to the bank”.

– Worked on more than 200 corporate growth initiatives that have moved companies beyond innovation toward Futureproofing.

– Former CEO of a San Francisco-based SaaS technology company, pioneering the application of lean startup methods for large companies 

– Originated the concept of “Future-Oriented Co-Creation” to drive product development in mobility, cybersecurity, fintech, and the future of work

– Strong background in bringing the right early stage corporate initiatives to market

– Current advisor to Fujitsu’s Open Innovation Gateway, Ford  and the Business Institute in Aalborg

– Author of “Futureproofing ; Next – The Future Beyond Innovation” and “Find Your Next – Using the Business Genome Approach”

–  Has been a featured thought leader at TED, Aspen Institute, CxO Forum Tokyo, Copenhagen Fintech and OpenBanking Summit

Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt

Managing Director, Futureproofing : Next

The Six-Tool Corporate Innovation++ Champion

On a mission to bring the future forward, quicken the innovation cycle time and increase the success rates of emerging opportunities inside corporates and scale ups.

– former Fortune 500 global innovation executive, and Chief Marketing Officer

= established global networks and multiple foresight think tanks across 25 industries and 8 domains

– four time startup founder, bridging large, scaling and entrepreneurial culture & company gaps

– balances out broad expertise in six areas:  business transformation & digitalization, leadership & strategy, growth, brands & customer experience, talent & culture, futures & marketplace trends and change, business models & applied innovation 

– global media commentator and  thought leader in company innovation, brand leadership, business transformation and emerging technologies

– has spearheaded growth and transformation of over 200+ clients around the world

– current advisor to a number of incubator and startup initiatives and serves on a number of executive boards and steering committees

– curated over 25 foresight intelligence studies and reports mapping the future of industries, functions and specific topics

– featured speaker, webcast host, thought leader and media commentator in more than 30+ countries

– authored globally-published books  “Futureproofing : Next – A Future Beyond Innovation” and “Wikibrands – Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace“

Chenyang Xu

Chenyang Xu

Founder, Silicon Valley Future Academy

The Transformative innovation & Venture Technologist

Recognized leader and speaker in open innovation, corporate start-up partnership, and AI.

– Managing Partner of Brightway Future Capital, Managing Board Director of PVmed Technologies and Chief Business Officer of RSP Systems

– an Advisory Board Member for the Johns Hopkins University BME department

– Co-founding Partner of Silicon Valley Future Academy and Founding Co-Chair, Innovation Executive Forum

– has engaged with hundreds of startups and developed over 50 successful open innovation partnerships in the areas such as AI, blockchain, big data, AR/VR, 3D printing, advanced robotics, and IoT

– an IEEE Fellow recognized for his seminal research and commercial contribution to the advancement of
image analysis and medical imaging

– former General Manager & Chief Technology Officer of Siemens Technology to Business

– previous  Head of the International Imaging Program, Siemens Corporate Research

– has published over 80 scientific publications with 20,000+ citations

– holds more than 40 US and international patents


    Futureproofing U – Solving for The Key BARRIERS & CHALLENGES



    Future Blindspots & Innovation Myopia

    CEOs who believe top threats will be outside current industry – 55%

    Staff in lagging companies who believe their leaders understand new tech/trends – 7%

    The Messy Middle CHANGE Process & LAG IN SEIZING OPPORTUNITies

    Companies who expect massive industry disruption over the next 24 months — 94%

    CEOs feeling their companies are ready to react to these changes —13%

    Growth & Scale INNOVATION ESCAPE Velocity

    Percentage of innovation teams that have failed to deliver 10% of company revenues with their new innovation/introductions — 77%

    Widening LEADERSHIP Aspiration Vs. Reality Gaps

    Percentage of CEOS who believe in building the organization of the future  — 88%.
    Percentage of CEOs that actually know how — 11%

    OUTPACING RATE of The Marketplace, Technology & Customers

    The marketplace is 4x faster than a generation ago.

    The time in download a movie is 24,000x faster than 20 years ago.

    Customer expectations go up 25% each year; companies can only improve delivery 5% annually.

    The Culture and Talent Chasm

    CEOs who believe they have a culture of innovation, experimentation and risk-taking — 75%.

    Employees who agree — 37%

    “Insufficient talent” and “Lack of time, resources & staff” rank as internal innovation barriers —  #1 and #2



    Get to Know Us. Say Hello. 你好. Hola. مرحبا. Guten Tag. Bonjour.

    We’re hungry to do work with passionate, driven people. The future is unwritten, let’s bring some future chapters to life.

    San Francisco – Toronto – Global

    +416 458-2818

    YOUR FUTURE CAN be bolder, bigger, simpler and better. Let's start now with Futureproofing U.

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