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In a connected world, enlightenment shifts to those best able to connect. Imagine a future-savvy guild operating as a global all-star team of innovation practice, business intellgence and thought leadership. That’s what we’re building at Futureproofing : Next.

Interested? Find out what it’s all about and put your name forward (or nominate someone else). We’ll expand our network roster each month.

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The 2019/20 corporate innovation playbook

  • We asked the 50+ toughest questions in corporate innovation that we always wanted to know the answers to. Participate in our innovation walkabout and share in the fruits of our collective wisdom. Also a chance to win eight of some of the latest books on innovation and the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a consultancy?

We are more of an unconsulancy. Consultancies have their place but in innovation ventures and change projects, we believe that you need seasoned, committed people. Most of us are former clients, who are going to stick with you through the challenges and not count & bill “the hours”. We prefer to call ourselves an on-demand practitioner group who are really strong at envisioning, planning, aligning, training and performing innovation++ that you can take to the bank.

So you are an innovation boutique firm then?

Hell no. Most of these innovation & design specialty firms (with offices straight out of Architectural Digest) are one of the key impediments to marketplace & workplace success and the poor performance of the innnovation industry. They focus on ideas, not solutions. They focus on creative fanciful designs, not what needs to work. They are slow,  operating much less agile than the marketpalce they serve. They love focusing on tangible products, not new processes, experiences and configurations where the real value is found.  We actually have minted and campaigned behind the term futureproofing, to describe a world and future beyond this type of innovation.

Do you operate globally?

Yes. Through three methods, we operate across borders:

  • Our founders and principals embrace the “live” meeting and travelling to where we are needed, when we are needed
  • We also believe in the power of digital collaborative tools and platforms to stay constantly connected. Digital is truly making the world flatter
  • Finally, we have partner teams and colleagues scattered throughout all six continents to effect change and growth in our client’s day-to-day offices, stages and board rooms.

We have this challenge/project, is that what you do?

Maybe. We know the struggle of “innovation” being a catch all term. We operate somewhere between the “meh, business as usual” and “crazy loonshots that will never ever launch”.  If your briefing has anything to do with change : applied innovation, innovation process & idea management, foresights, emerging tech & trends, business models, growth & commercialization or transformation & change management, it’s likely in our wheelhouse. Check out our four levels of solutions,  #Next30 redefintion of innovation or simply message us.

Do you partner with companies?

Yes. We are collaborative by nature and believe in the power of 1+1=3. We take our approach & tools and confiorm them to your environment, not the other way around. We’re also pragmatic to know that sometimes to lift ideas off the ground and get to next, we need to take the driver’s seat, and humble enough at other times to play the role of helpful supportive guide (but never the backseat). Give us a shout.

Are You Expensive?

Well, we’re not the discount store of innovation but based on an objective assessment of other consultancies, boutiques, agencies and software firms, we provide enormously good value. Check out our comparison here:

  • Our on-demand business model is simply smarter than others – we frequently have a 50-100% better sticker price than the big, incumbent firms & boutiques
  • Our benefits are tangible with approaches and tools that are market-proven, you are not ever doing rework after we’re done
  • Our people frequently are 3-4X more experienced than other providers who have the fat cats in the corner office with greenhorns managing the day-to-day
  • We operate with speed, so we’re not wasting time – on certain projects we end up being 2X faster than our peers, and ast they say – time is money
  • We are on-demand, so you only buy what you need, when you need it
  • We don’t lock you into long contracts, so you never feel like you have financial handcuffs and…
  • We provide a portfolio of solutions right-sized for your business size, situation and budget – like t-shirts so it is in change work, one size does not fit all.

Are you hiring?

Yes and no. From time to time, we will hire based on pressing needs. We’re always looking for talented people who share our values.  Please let us know your availability & interests. However, we truly believe in the power of the on-demand economy and operate more like a film studio, bringing in the best independent & freelance talent around the world to focus on engagements. We think clients deserve working with agile teams of the best, not just the people we hire.

What’s the difference between Futureproofing : Next and Futureproofing Now ?

Futureproofing : Next is our client solutions venture (e.g. workshops, audit, keynotes, sprints, innovators-in-residence and plenty more).  Futureproofing Now is our medaa solutions venture led by our webcast/podcast series of the same name. 

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