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Season #2, Episode #3

Futureproofing : Next – The Book (Pre-Launch)

An Advance Preview and Argument for A Future Beyond Innovation

A webcast presented by the global change and innovation++ practice Futureproofing : Next  ( Join us for one of our proudest Futureproofing Now episodes, where we pre-launch our new book  “Futureproofing : Next – The Future Beyond Innovation ” (scheduled publish date March, 2020).

Launching a book is like finishing a race. You train so hard. You see improvements as you go. You experience the pain when it doesn’t go perfectly. But on the day of the race, if you have poured your soul into it, there should be no regrets. And so it is with Futureproofing : Next – The Future Beyond Innovation (Ingram Spark). 

With our new literary hatchling, we think we have finished our best work yet!  During this episode, we’ll invite you into our book’s précis and share with you details on why we wrote the book and  the core six messages that we felt compelled to get out to a changemaker’s  world that needs it now more than ever.

A conversation with F:N Webcast Hosts and authors: Sean Moffitt & Andrea Kates.


The Backgrounder:  Our Futureproofng Now genesis story happens back in 2010 when both our founders and webcast hosts met as McGraw-Hill authors. Now close to a decade later, they have collided together again to launch a new classic for the future schools of change, growth, innovation++, transformation, business models and the future.

The Importance: With this 242 page playbook, we hope to land on an essential place on executives’  book shelves and at the center of change agents’ meeting tables where real change is happening.  We have turned 50+combined years of experience, 300+ clients and 25+ marketplace studies into something that adds an important new contribution to the changemaker’s world.

The Coverage Areas:  We bring some passion and share the six key messsages weaved in our book:  “A Future Beyond Innovation”, “The Change World has Changed”, “A Different Mindset, Spectrum and Challenge”, “See, Learn, Decide, Commit, “A Practitioner’s Mindset & Innovation You Can Take to the Bank” and “F:N – Not a Book, Book”.

What’s the Future/What’s Next :  The upcoming book is conceived as four parts.  It’s 1/4 manifesto and need to move from the innovation status quo. It’s 1/4 field guide – a rigorous study on what actually works. It’s 1/4 playbook of approaches, canvases and tools that get leaders to next. And it’s 1/4 resource bank of profiles, & resources that genuinely help change agents.  Futureproofing Now also provides a free précis of the book for live attendees ot the episode  and for people watching/listening online – send us a request at

What you’ll learn:  

  • What was the driving need to write this new book, why is it unqiue and beneficial to our future readership?
  • What are our six core arguments contained in our book? Who is our audience & how should they use the book?
  • The argument for a “future beyond innovation”,  5 gaps of today’s companies and the shortcomings of existing innovation schools of thought
  • A review of “See”, “Learn”, “Decide” and “Commit” – the central architecture of our venture and chapters  of our book
  • Special extensions to our “not a book” book , online resources and exclusive forums for our community members and webcast/podcast audience


Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

    The Episode – Futureproofing Now Webcast 

    The Audio – Futureproofing Now Podcast 

    Hosts & Guests

    Sean Moffitt

    Andrea Kates


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    Futureproofing Now Hosts:

    Sean Moffitt

    Sean Moffitt

    Andrea Kates

    Andrea Kates

    About This Episode

    0:00 Intro, A Community Effort & Why Did We Write This Book? A new classic on the book shelf, a broader context, an underperfoming innovation industry and success criteria for its rollout.

    7:20  A Practitioner’s Mindset, The Précis and Six Core Messages  – getting past this disruption stuff, providing hope for bigger, faster, simpler & bolder change and what is this book all about. 

    12:40  The Future Beyond Innovation –  overly ambitious to expect innovation fulfill all the ambitions of corporate change & growth, a new pecking order,  five current innovation gaps , dissatisfaction with the status quo schools of thought and putting our book into a slightly different camp. 

    33:20  The Change World Has Changed – “6 factors driving acceleration & complexity of change, three new change-related terms of lexicon, 

    39:30  See, Learn, Decide, Commit  – 4×2 step, overall change approach, a “no more duct-tape” process, chapter breakdown – four book-end chapters and eight middle chapters.

    48:20 Three Defining Differences – Mindset, Spectrum, Challenge  – how are we different than the 60,000 other innovation books on Amazon  – different mindset: pragmatic optimism,  different change spectrum – multidisciplinary, all elements and different challenge – change inside companies from 50 to 5 million employees. master process canvas & tools,  

    53:40: A Practitioner Mindset  – Innovation You Can take to the Bank   –  bridging  the gap between the whiteboard and the trenches, rewarding ideas getting over the finish line, 16 types of people who will read our book, a glimpse of our book’s details, & F:N by the numbers.

    56:20 Futureproofing Next – “Not a Book”  Book  – eleven extensions to our book. 

    57:55 F:N The Book’s Details – when, who, why, where, how much, sponsors, call to actions and contacts.

    59:35 F:N Housekeeping & Closeout  – next webcasts,  audience questions , request for ambassadorship and recap of core messages.

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