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The Customer Zeitgeist - Featured F:N Keynote

Tracking the winds of what customers want now … and tomorrow.

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The Customer Zeitgeist:

The Age of Utility – Smarter, Human, Customized, Wow, Now.

Companies over the last couple decades have become much more customer-centric … and it will continue … because it has t!. Futureproofing : Next (F:N) reveals what leading experts know about what customers value, need and want next. 

Proprietary insights from our marketplace foresight research The Customer Zeitgeist©.

Wider Perspective

Futureproofing : Next (F:N) provides a broad-ranging tour de force on customer demands, uncloaking the veil behind what’s going on in the customer’s marketplace, culture and society Strap in.

Inspiring Possibilities

If you want to know the next preferred pantone, we’re not your partner. Instead,  F:N projects out the big customer winds of change to your innovation, revenue, brands, customer experience & engagement.

Practical Value

F:N provides tangible learnings including a snapshot and comparison to previous studies, favourite brands, deeper customer motivations and leading a customer-centric organization.

  • Brand/Growth
  • Trends/Foresight
  • Customer Experience/ Engagement
  • CMOs/CGOs/Revenue
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership/Boards
  • Customer Teams
  • Innovation Kickoff
  • Customer Mindset Shift
  • Storytelling/Content
  • Jiobs to be Done
  • Keynote
  • Training & Leadership
  • Futureproofing Sprint
  • Open innovation


The customer is always right in the age of utilty:

  • Unrelenting Customer Need  – customer expectations have increased 28% year over year, but company delivery has only gone up 6% (Brand Keys)
  • Intimacy Gap- 88% of organizations know they need to be closer to their customer (McKinsey)
  • Brand Disruption – 57% of categories have experienced a change in loyalty leadership  (Customer Loyalty Engagement Index)
  • Data/Human Mix – requires an evenly balanced brain – experts are split, believing customer activity needs to more data-driven (52%) and human (48%) (Wikibrands) 
  • Blurring Speed– two-thirds of CMOs find it difficult to stay up with the pace of technology and the marketplace (Forresters)


Think about your business, products and experiences … in their terms:

  • Our Largest Multi-Year Study – based on learnings from our longest standing study asking thrity valuable customer-relevant questions
  • Umbrella Coverage  – we cover off the full customer agenda and how they factor into brands, communications, innovation, technology, growth, culture & transformation
  • Leading Applications  – thoughts on best use of foresight, based on specific customer segment, industry and/or company being presented to
  • Corporate, CMO-Ready – customer experience & journey focus, wider organization impact and business-level speak
  • Now : Near : Next Customer – provision for what to do with customer foresights  tomorrow,  the nearest quarter, and the next planning cycle


We took a well-honed understanding of six core business change areas:  innovation++ & business model mastery, business transformation, trends & foresight, technology & digital  fluency, brand, growth & customer intimacy and the future of work,  and married them with an investment in new marketplace, workplace, technosphere and socio-economic tools &  intelligence, Voila – the leading choice for your next company stage act and boardroom briefing – Futureproofing ; Next !

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Future-proofing NOW : Customer Faceoffs & Foresights

We don’t just hide behind a curtain or slides. Twice-monthly, we engage the brightest customer empaths  & growth change agents to tackle the most relevant topics of the future in a webcast/ podcast we call “Futureproofing Now”.

The Customer Zeitgeist – Hero Slide (ranking from 2019)

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