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The lone genius is dead, long live the network. At Futureproofing; Next, the sum is greater than its parts. And its parts are made up of a strong core of passionate innovators and business people with a supporting circle of planners, commercializers, designers, foresight, technology and transformation experts. Find out more about us, maybe even join us.
Who are WeOur Global Network

The “Work Hard, Play Hard, Do Good, Travel Well, Make it Better” All-Star Network

No matter how great your tools, techniques or technology, when it comes down to top performing companies, it really is about the people.

Futureproofing ; Next founders Andrea Kates and Sean Moffitt have built a practice & community of inspiring change agents, global thought leaders and passionate collaborators across the innovation world.  

We’ll never aspire to be the biggest, but we are gunning to be the most passionate, experienced and genuine innovation partner you can find. Work with us, or perhaps even join us on our quest.


You really can’t teach or train optimism. So we’ve attracted the best & brightest personalities who positively embrace change, believe impossible is nothing and then actually go and do something about it.


Corporate life has enough politics, why not work with genuine people who really do have your best interests at heart. Leave the drama at the door, roll up our sleeves and let’s start changing the world together.


Our global network is marketplace & trend fluent, tech-savvy & adept, agility-biased and has 3-4X the experience of many similar firms across corporate and startup life. We have been there before.


F:N founders Andrea Kates and Sean Moffitt have combined decades of experience, having led six separate companies across over 300 global clients.

They’ve delivered winning corporate innovation, entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial wisdom and board room credibility & foresight.

And they both were healthily dissatisfied with how innovation gets practiced and wanted to build something better out of the strengths of their two companies:


  • Wikibrands – business & digital transformation, marketplace & tech trends, corporate innovation & commercialization, brand, customer & employee experience, culture and digitalization.  
  • iScale – scaling company innovation, end-to-end innovation process, lean startup, Silicon Valley agile methods , leadership & team development, business model innovation and experimentation

The global futureproofing network

F:N has surrounded themselves with a pool of experienced innovation leaders, change agents and industry experts who play many roles:

Account Leaders – shepherding day-to-day client engagements and activities

Future Scout Network – providing foresight from the global edge

Expert Collaboration Pool  – furnishing deep insight across industries, technologies and geographies

Content Collaboration – building new-to-the world insight and thought leadership

Commercialization Bench Strength – bringing F:N work to life across the finnish line  

The Futureproofing "66°"

Innovation happens far from the mainstream, near the poles (on earth, that’s 66 degrees from the centre). So Futureproofing: Next Is building a hive of 66  recognized future-minded thought leaders and passionate innovation professionals who sit as a guild of external advisors so we (and our clients) don’t end up missing the future.

#FN11 -leading innovators, top cities, relevant topics

Whether they work wth us or not, we wanted to recognize some of the biggest contributors to the innovation industry.

Their common link? They are : always curious, prolific, foresightful and sharing great innovation content that embraces the future and makes us better. You’ve been noticed!

Track our hashtag #FN11 on our website or in social media as we identify, not the most popular, but the best contributors and curators to the future, by city and by topic.


We took the business transformation, marketplace foresight, tech fluency and brand & customer experience-building capacity of Wikibrands and paired it with the lean innovation savvy, business model generation, agile experiementation and revenue growth-building of iScale. Boom – a new hybrid of innovation venture!


Satisfied clients

Countries of Engagement


Future-proofing : Next Live

We launched our F:N venture live on April 11th, 2019 exploring the unswerving question the entire industry ponders “How do You Increase Corporate Innovation Success Rates?”

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