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Leading & Reimagining into the "Next Normal" Workshop

We have quickly built five fresh components under one roof to help companies reset themselves onto the other side of this pandemic.

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Leading into the Next Normal:

We’re advocating Back to Work++ – going beyond the basic back-to-work mindset.

As response mode cedes way to recovery and reimagination for most industries and organziations, Futureproofing ; Next (F:N) has drawn on its expertise to assemble the best playbook possible for a better, bolder and stronger future post-pandemic.

F:N takes a back seat to nobody as we have constructed five essential & unique elements to help organizations ride into the future well-equipped:: 1) a Leading Back to Work++ framework, 2) primary research and intelligence putting the pandemic in context, 3) a thorough meta-level analysis of leadership by pandemic stage, 4) a global Grey Swan Guild of over 200+ members focused on continuously sensemaking this pandemic and 5) a curated understanding by industry and theme of what has actually changed, Let’s help your organization get back to work++ and reimagine what’s possible in an informed, resilient way.

Learning & Leaning into the Next Normal

Futureproofing : Next (F:N) credibly provides a framework, path and mindset into the next normal that doesn’t merely get people back to 2019, but redesigns, reimagines and leads people into a very different future.

Seeing into the Next Normal - Better Radar

We have invested more effort and energy understanding what elements are changing in your society, industry, culture, workplace and marketplace. We have curated from over 100+ key resources, 200+ sensemaking experts and conducted our own primary research.

Deciding/Committing into the Next Normal

F:N has codified the leadership traits, behaviors & actions that win in the next normal. Many consultant firms have written about how to get back to work very tactically (e.g., 12 foot germ-free desks). We’ll actually help leaders drive their companies, culture, change and customers forward.

  • Culture/Leadership
  • Sensemaking/Foresight
  • Business/Process Transformation
  • Business Models/Cross-Industry
  • Executive Teams
  • Task Forces
  • Leadership/Boards
POst-COVID Situation:
  • Redesign mode
  • Recovery mode
  • Reimagination mode
  • Restructure mode
  • Company Workshop
  • Executive Briefing
  • Business Immersion
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • Futureproofing Sprint


We’re global leaders in corporate innovation — making a strong commitment to help companies rethink possibilities in a post-COVID world. This pandemic, as grievious as the results, marks an inflection point and the possibility to unfreeeze the constraints that have been holding back your organization.

We’re interested in working with you to use the post-COVID transition as a moment to engage with teams and go beyond a basic back-to-work mindset. Our Back to Work++ framework and lenses help teams in an agile manner:

—Process what’s happened

—Articulate what’s changed

—Imagine what’s possible

—Collaborate on future priorities

—Execute + futureproof

II) & III) "Post-Pandemic Leadership and Foresights"

We have comprehensively processed all that has been written about post COVID-recovery and distilled it through our future proofing lenses. We’ve also crafted our own primary research from our own expert panel. Combined in our workshop, we can provide leaders a one-of-a-kind understanding of post-pandemic leadership traits & musts as well as expected long-term impacts::


  • Ranked Top 30 Leadership Traits – what stakeholders, partners and staff are looking for from leaders
  • Post-Pandemic Leadership Stages – how leadership changes as we move into the recovery and reimagination stages
  • Observations, Implications and Opportunities By Industry  – the top pandemic effects being experienced across industry
  • Long Term Impacts, Key Debates & Next Grey Swans – a strategic level discussion on the key shocks, questions, future risks and managing through Grey Swans to come.
  • Habits, Behaviours and Category Shifts – separating what has changed temporarily and what has changed for the long term


The Grey Swan Guild’s Origins: An urgent need to make sense of the pandemic brought our movement together:

In response to the first shocks we felt in the early days of the pandemic, we hosted informal conversations to process what was occurring. We didn’t know where these discussions would go, but they yielded a common thread: How could we make sense of this new world?  Other people were thankfully thinking the same thing. So, this venture was born. 

Our distinction: Many groups are reflecting on post-pandemic “nexts.” Why us? 

Our hopes: We’ve grown organically, intentionally, serendipitously. Now, help us expand our impact.

If you haven’t heard of us, it’s because we’re new. We’ve grown to 200+ members through word of mouth. From crisis comes opportunity. If what you read in tour first publication resonates, join us. Our next iteration of sensemaking lands in Sept’20— help us build it!



When the pandemic first hit, F:N founders Sean Moffitt and Andrea Kates (in association with Ironstone Advisory colleague Rob Tyrie) were compelled to action.

We practiced what we preached by: processing what had happened (see our post March 14th) , we articulated what had changed (take our quickly assembled Making Sense of a Pandemic survey), we imagined what was possible (see our newly formed global collective Grey Swan Guild) , we collaborated on future priorities (witness our collaborative publication Emergent Global Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic) and we executed and futureproofed (here we are today, bringing you this workshop, brieifng, training, keynote and webcast).  Presto – the leading choice for your post-pandemic company return to glory, team workshop and boardroom briefing – Futureproofing : Next!

Sensemaking Sources

Industry Effects

Global Guild Members (and growing)

Delivery Formats

Leading back into the new normal

We look at different industries from refreshing vantage points. What looks like market uncertainty on the surface is actually a tremendous opportunity for companies that master the skills of building local tribes, reading early signals and learning from winners.  

Futureproofing ; Next founder Andrea Kates draws on our work & new study by the Grey Swan Guild, and points to our Back to Work++ workshops (in the video attached) providing practical guidance, rational optimism, and inspiring evidence & anecdotes you can share with your team.

Maybe you need to know the questions, before you pursue the answers – our 2nd most popular keynote/briefing – “COVID-19 : WHAT FOLLOWS”

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