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Season 1, Episode 8

The Futureproofing Innovation Toolkit:

Glimpses at our Corporate Innovation PLaybook and Preview of our upcoming book Futureproofing : Next

webcast presented by the global innovation practice Futureproofing : Next  (

Join us for our Futureproofing Now episode where we go beyond the handcuffs of innovation and take a brisk pace through the key foresights in our research report The Corporate Innovation Playbook and a preview of our favourite innovation tools in our upcoming book “Futureproofing : Next – the future beyond innovation “ (scheduled publish date January 13, 2020).
With F:N Webcast Hosts: Sean Moffitt, Andrea Kates, and special guest: Dave Marvit, Innovation Strategy Consultant with Open Innovation Gateway, powered by Fujitsu.


When it comes to corporate innovation, the roster of leading philosophies, branches of thought and approaches to innovation are endless. Should we be doing agile, blue ocean, design thinking, lean startup or waterfall? With who? And when? Aghhhh … for most people the volume is way too high. What’s an innovator to do?
Based on our simple “See, Learn, Decide, Commit” Futureproofing : Next approach and our seminal research study The Corporate Innovation Playbook, Andrea Kates and Sean Moffitt have spent literally thousands of hours tumbling through the weeds to understand how top performing corporate innovation works.
They’ve crystallized a vivid portrait of what innovators could be using tools-wise against a marketplace landscape that is so infinite in its complexity and choice. We’ve pulled it together in a 48-page guide eponymously titled The Corporate Innovation Playbook and a 198 page book entitled Futureproofing : Next.
In our eighth episode of Futureproofing Now, we walk though the key elements and tools that made it into our guidebook (and some that didn’t) and provide some perspective on their importance and applicability to corporate practitioners.

What you’ll learn:

  • Develop a clear view of the top challenges and barriers corporate innovators face
  • Glimpse the aperture of what corporate innovators will face in a fast accelerating, next 3-5 year future
  • Gather the key highlights of Futureproofing : Next’s new guide book
  • Understand a simple “See, Learn, Decide, Commit” glide path to simpler, bolder & better innovation
  • Share commentary on F:N’s and expert innovator’s favourite tools that codify and translate great thinking into great innovation action
  • Benchmark where your company is and what things your team could apply in their own environment
  • See a compressed highlight reel of F:N’s very best tools that made it into the guidebook
  • A special offer of Futureproofing : Next ‘s Corporate Innovation Playbook


Tuesday, October 22nd

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    Dave Marvit


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    Futureproofing Now Hosts:

    Sean Moffitt

    Sean Moffitt

    Andrea Kates

    Andrea Kates

    About This Episode

    0:00 Intro, Context-setting  & Advance Poll Question – “What are the biggest gaps of innovation in your company?

     7;20  What people are interested in innovation-wise? – #1 Innovation Strategy, #2 Business Models, #3 Innovation Best Practices & #4 Innovation Metrics/Measurements

     8:45 – Poll Results – top needs for innovation improvement #1 Improving and prototyping the top innovation projects and #2 Building and aligning on marketplace implementation

     9:30  Our Core Argument – “The Future Beyond Innovation” – 2020 as an interesting time period, marketplace speed, blindspots that need to be placated and horrible performance of the innovation industry

     12:15 – Introduction of special guest panelist/concierge – Dave Marvit, Innovation Consultant – Open innovation Gateway, powered by Fujitsu and the interest in going beyond just idea generation, learning and not being sucked into technology details

     17:10- What’s exciting about 2020  – landmarks can be artificial but it is 2020 – need for clarity, startup vs. corporate innovation and the outweighted importance of garage entrepreneurs and the gaps created for bigger companies, standing on the shoulders of giants (SWOT analysis, Five Forces, Benchmarking, Design Thinking) and now Futureproofing

     20:20 Research that Inspired Us To Do This  –  corporate innovation is the weaker sister of corporate functions, the much bigger need to look up, look around & look forward, the best ideas not getting the best traction, missing ideas inside big, established companies, what should we optimize ideas for ( our decide and commit phases)

     25:00 Statistics and Corporate Innovation Playbook Research – empathy for the 80% of the world that is intimidated by the prospect of change, the enhanced improtance of pace and speed impacting us from the outside world, and biggest internal barriers – insufficent talent, time, resources and stretch and lack of recognition of strategic misalignment

     27:35  Where Innovation Has Fallen Short – the need to revolutionize R&D, speed, the global nature and the need for bedfellows (partners) has changed the game, histiorically good at incremental stuff, horrible at inventing or pivoting to new business models and lack of resilience in making change organization-wide

    31:55  Compoents of Futureproofing – where does innovation stop and where does execution begin, duality – we need all kinds of innovation but we can’t call everything innovation, Futureproofing = a broadened view of what innovation should be (30 constituent peices) and a four simple step approach, the challenge of anchoring bias, jumping on early signs of change now – a new point of departure, the way to be true to the future is to embrace it

    39:15 Is Futureproofing ; Next just Innovation du Jour and Our Framework/Tools – the need for outward models, “See, Learn, Decide, Commit” overarching process and our canvas of tools and sustainable remedies, the need to get beyond your own frameworks and look broadly, “rapid learning” has been underpresented as an explicit practice, culture can kill great strategy, turning tacit knowledge into something very explicit

    47:25 The Structure of Futureproofing Next  book chapters – SEE – Inside Now/Integrated Forces and new success critera  – desirability, feasibility, viability, suitability and futurability,  Learn – Imagine Next and the opportunity aperture

    52:30 The Next Phase of Futureproofing : Next  –  how do you get confidence/eliminate fear – duress/crisis moment, reacting – competitors have done something, proactiveness- reactive cry for change, audience need for intercative exercises and discoveries  > narratives, the need to have our book be dog-eared by repeated use

    55:35 Dave’s Reflections  –  distinction between book and “not a book”, codifying a number of processes from knowledge, applying See, Learn, Decide & Commit, powerful early stage metaphor of a kid playing in a pile of leaves, experiential > prescriptiveness

    59:10 F:N Housekeeping  – becoming part of our tribe, our newsletter, become part of our Futreproofing 66 champions,  biggest audience interests “Measuring the Return on Innovation” & “Agility and Increaisng the Speed of Innovation”, types of F:N solutions, our Future of Work webcast

    1;02:30 Takeaways & Closeout   – “embrace the future”, hopeful – big change can happen in companies, we’re taking it on the road,  embrace change because you can’t run from it

    Our F:N Expert Panelists:

    Dave Marvit

    Dave Marvit

    Partner, New Ether Studios / Consultant: Open Innovation Gateway - Powered by Fujitsu

    Dave is a partner at New Ether Studios, specializing in strategic consulting to drive innovation across a variety of technology domains. He is dedicated to enhancing our humanity through technology. Currently Dave is helping lead Fujitsu’s ‘Open Innovation Gateway’. While at Fujitsu he has pioneered projects ranging from computerized negotiation systems to sensor-based healthcare, from automated ontology generation to novel interface methodologies.

    Dave has worked as a writer and producer with WGBH’s Nova Science Team, served as a Mellon Visiting Professor at Caltech, and been involved with many Silicon Valley Startups. This includes his role as founder, VP Production and lead creative at Worlds Inc., and as founder and VP Marketing at Disappearing Inc. He now serves as Co-lead of Open Innovation Gateway – Powered by FUJITSU.

    Dave is a Fellow of the Internet Archive. He was selected as one of Time Magazine’s 2001 “Digital Dozen” – one of the 12 most influential people in the digital world. He has over 60 patents granted and pending, with over 4,000 forward references.

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