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Season 1, Episode 10c

The 2020 Futureproofing Awards:

Business Model, Ecosystem, Talent & Transformation Innovation+

webcast presented by the global innovation practice Futureproofing : Next  (

Put on your virtual tuxedos and ball gown dresses – we are hosting our own Oscars for innovation. Which companies our owning the futures red carpet this year?

Working through our esteemed panel of F:N 66 Guild and global experts, we’ve pulled together our short list of candidates that should be recognized and noted for their clairvoyant, groundbreaking innovation & growth efforts as we’re about to ring in the next decade.

In our tenth episode of Futureproofing Now, we project what companies should likely be owning the future. Unlike many magazines’ efforts, it’s not because our editor had drinks with the company CEO, or that we saw they raised a lot of money on Crunchable or that we live in NYC/Silicon Valley/London (insert big city here) so i guess we should reward the big local hero. No, we’ve scoured the earth the find the big (or getting bigger), bold and beautiful that are challenging convention and winning the future.

Futureproofing Now will be inviting our judges and nominees to the backstage webcast party in a set of three webinars, each rewarding:

Top Product, Brand, Growth & Channel Futureproofers
Top Experience, Engagement, Technology & Platform Futureproofers
Top Business Model, Ecosystem, Talent and Transformation Futurerproofers


Sean Moffitt & Andrea Kates, Co-Founders, Futureproofing : Next

Special Guests:
Gregg Witt, Chief Strategy Officer, Engage Youth Co.
Jonathan Hoffberg, Principal, F360UX
Nina Fountain, Founder/Workplace Strategist, Transformed Teams
Farid Mheir, Founder,

    What you’ll learn:

    Futureproofing Now will be inviting our judges and nominees to the backstage webcast party in a set of three webinars, each rewarding:

    • Preview the nominees for F:N’s 2020 Futureproofing Awards
    • Hear from our judges on what drove their choices
    • Discover how large companies are embracing the future
    • Find out how challenger companies and scaling business are beating incumbents
    • Learn about the Top Ten Business Model, Ecosystem, Talent and Transformation Futurerproofing Nominees
    • Get involved with Futureproofing ; Next’s 2020 Futureproofing Awards

    Have a look at our 2020 Futureproofing Awards nomination & portal page:


    December 19th, 2019

      Futureproofing Now Webcast Video

      Futureproofing Now Podcast Audio

      Hosts & Guests

      Sean Moffitt

      Andrea Kates

      Gregg Witt

      Jonathan Hoffberg

      Nina Fountain

      Farid Mhier


      Our website Futureproofing : Next

      Nomination Page  The 2020 Futureproofing Awards 

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      P4 Medicine Institute: Website

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      Lumen Electric: Website 

       South Shore Funriture: Website

      Futureproofing Now Hosts:

      Sean Moffitt

      Sean Moffitt

      Andrea Kates

      Andrea Kates

      About This Episode

      0:00 Introduction of Topic, Venture, Platform and Panel

      6:10 2020 Futureproofing Business Models with Gregg Witt   – current state, nominees & commentary

      17:45 2020 Futureproofing Ecosystems with Jonathan Hoffberg  – current state, nominees & commentary

      28:50 2020 Futureproofing Talent with Nina Fountain – current state, nominees & commentary

      44:15 2020 Futureproofing Talent with Farid Mhei – current state, nominees & commentary

      55:30  2020 Futureproofing Round Robin – synthesis, exchange and conclusions

      1:03:40  Closeout and where to from here, Futureproofing Awards Platform launch, Future of Work Research,  the FN book, FN66 Champions, upcoming webcasts

      Our F:N Expert Panelists:

      Gregg Witt

      Gregg Witt

      Chief Strategy Officer, Engage Youth Co.

      Gregg is a senior marketing strategist and youth culture specialist. Gregg has an uncanny ability to help consumer brands be more relevant with tweens, teens and young adults. He is a proven brand builder and an inspiring speaker. He has spent 17 years in consumer insights, media and youth marketing, consulting for more than 100 companies during that period. He provides authentic insights-driven strategies, creative leadership, and oversees social media activation for leading companies.

      When seeking to understand what motivates tween, teen and young adults, a wide variety of businesses look to Gregg. He has a deep level of expertise related to consumer insights, niche cultural intelligence, brand positioning and development, social and digital media, creative content production, managing digital media, scaling influencer/creator networks, advocacy marketing, and online privacy, safety & COPPA compliance. For over a decade Gregg has been the director and hands-on leader of Youthvine (now rebranded as Sureshot)—a proprietary global online community that enables brands to rapidly and cost-efficiently engage tweens, teens and young adults for insights, co-creation, and consumer advocacy marketing. Gregg delivers advice for clients with the creative flare and eye for authenticity that one can only achieve while wearing a new pair of bright red Vans.

      Jonathan Hoffberg

      Jonathan Hoffberg

      Principal, F360UX

      Jonathan is an enterprise user experience design consultant at F360UX. Over the last ten years, his efforts have yielded a variety of innovative service, product and process solutions for GE, Accenture, Deloitte, Adobe, Ford, eBay, and Roche Diagnostics, among others. During this time, he has also founded two startups and served as an advisor to several others. Prior to becoming a designer, Jonathan served as a Director of Product Management for a P2P social networking platform.

      He has spoken on the subject of industrial application design at the Augmented World Expo, the Internet of Things Conference, the McGraw Hill Construction Technology Conference and at the US Navy’s Strategic Warfare Command.

      Nina Fountain

      Nina Fountain

      Founder & Workplace Strategist, Transformed Teams

      Nina is a Workplace Strategist who prepares workforces to be future-ready. She works with teams and workplaces to build flexibility and future-smarts. Nina‘s proven flexibility capability framework is the leading practice model, endorsed by leading employers including Deloitte, ANZ and the Australian Government. Nina has a deep knowledge of flexible workplace transformation and a keen interest in the future. 

      Nina has built Transformed Teams out of a desire to see people and businesses thrive at work, now and for many years to come.  As  a Workplace Strategist & management consultant, with deep knowledge of flexible workplace transformation and a keen interest in the future, her unique talent is seeing the bigger picture in difficult and complex circumstances and engaging people in new solutions, creating a new way forward.

      Farid Mhier

      Farid Mhier


      Farid Mheir is an electrical engineer with a masters degree in microelectronics. As an entrepreneur and ecommerce pioneer, he built the first grocery eCommerce shopping web solution for IGA grocers in 1996 – 23 years ago. Since then, he has founded to work with retailers in Canada, USA and Europe to help executives and managers build their digital strategies.

      Farid Mheir is a digital technology expert that is a sought after speaker at conferences, industry events and corporate strategic retreats. He publishes the digital transformation blog since 2013.

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