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What future should we help create?

At Futureproofing: Next, we have a full wardrobe of futureproofing solutions to meet your needs. To simplify, we have segmented them into: Ankle-Deep, Waist-deep, Chest-deep or Head-deep Futureproofing. What flavour do you need?

Getting StartedGetting Serious

This isn’t startup camp – Corporate Innovation is the Major Leagues.

We want futureproofing and getting to next to become a habit for companies of all sizes. As former clients and CEOs, we’re zealous about it. We know when something becomes engrained as a skill and behaviour, you’ll find the time, money and resources to do it often without feeling like you are taking your eye off the current quarter.  That’s why we have focused on 4 levels and 30 categories of innovation services to help solve entrenched business challenges.


We’ve written books (Finding Your Next & Wikibrands), fielded studies (Digital Periscope, Customer Zeitgeist & Corporate Innovation Playbook) and delivered services in over 40 countries.


We’ve applied our approaches, audits and tools with over 300+ clients and 13,000 teams across leading corporate, scaling, not-for-profit and public sector organziations.


We are not a “billing hours” factory – we’re structured for client collaboration, on-demand resourcing and global provisioning of services from hand-picked people twice as experienced as competitive firms.

Four Levels of Futureproofing Solutions

We know one size does not fit all:

Ankle-deep – let’s get change started with keynotes, webinars, facilitation, Innovation Days, immersions, guidebooks & reports 

Waist-deep – make a pivot statement with workshops, inbound content, custom research, leadership & team development, program design & industry roundtables

Chest-deep – take it to the next level with innovation capacity & readiness audits, co-labs, open innovation, innovation & business model sprints

Head-deep – make innovation everyday with training curriculum, business transformation, commercialization, futureguiding & fractional leadership


#Next30 Categories of Innovation Redefined

“Innovation” can be an overused, catch-all term, here’s what we focus on:

  • Applied Innovation & Development – product & design, process, R&D, platform and portfolio innovation 
  • Business Model & Ecosystem Development  – business model generation, ecosystem innovation and radical innovation & moonshots
  • The Marketplace & Growth Engineering – brand , customer experience, service, channel, market and scaling innovation 
  • Trends and Futuremapping- megatrends, strategic foresight & horizon mapping, customer & talent shifts, emerging technologies, industry disruption, white space & threats 
  • Business Transformation & innovation Management – business & digital transformation, innovation methods, routes to innovation, best practices, commercialization and supply chain innovation 
  • Talent & Leadership Change  – culture change, leadership, direction & governance, measurement & intelligence and change management  

Featured Service - The F:N AudIt

Companies need to go well beyond a SWOT analysis to determine future innovation capacity and readiness:

  • F:N Audit Lite – a 15 factor, quick and dirty audit tool that provides guideposts for innovation  
  • F:N Executive Lense – a 40 factor audit, supported by executive & front line interviews.
  • F:N Readiness Grade – a company-wide, 120 factor audit that does a complete examination and grading vs. benchmarks

Featured Performance: KICKASS Innovation Keynotes

Catch up, don’t give up! Our stage experts help widen your perspective, accelerate your understanding of a fast-moving world, get teams interacting and provide tips & techniques for Monday morning applications. Here’s a sampling of ten presentations we give:

Futureproofing: Next – See, Learn, Decide, Commit.
The 2019/20 Corporate Innovation Playbook – Current Global Best Practices & Future Predictions
The Essential 30 Metatrends – A Tidal Wave of Cross-Industry Influences
Perpetual Refresh – The Art & Science of Lean Leadership
The Emerging 30  – The Thirty Impact Technologies Over The Next Decade, and Implications for You
Get to Next – Practical Lessons in Innovation
The Hockey Stick – Faster Culture, Fster Markets, Fstr Technology
What Colour is My Innovation – Which Innovation Approach Fits Me Best and When
52  Business Models –  A Full Deck of Leading Future Business Models
Getting Out of The Incumbent Box – Disrupting Infrastructures, Intermediaries, Inventories & Institutions

Featured Engagement - The F:N INNOVATION SPRINT

Stop thinking about it, start building! We are not a think-tank, we’re actually a do-tank.

In as few as 12 weeks, we’ll create and align on something valuable that takes your competitors two+ years to even consider :

  • Effective, risk-free process – save money, time and chaos, with tangible outcomes   
  • Dedicated focus – seasoned experts working intensively alongside your teams, with weekly milestones, check-ins and expert tools
  • A Change Buster – get over the key alignment, blindspots, culture, mindset and staffing issues that afflict innovation quickly & objectively
  • Corporate-ready – oriented for quick ideation, rapid iteration, customer-focus, business model impact, company transformation and alignment


With the help of our Global Futureproofers Network of scouts, change agents and practitioners, we see the world through a  kaleidoscope of opportunity and periscope of worldwide experience to cover off a full bandwidth of corporate-ready solutions. 

Get-to-Next Leaders

Global Futureproofers

Future-proofing : Next Season #1, Ep. #3

We hosted the Innovation debate of the century in May, pitting Agile vs. Lean vs. Design Thinking. Which innovation school will reign supreme? Come have a listen.

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