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The Emerging 30 Tech - Featured F:N Keynote

The leading (& only) attempt to rank the next decade’s top 30 technologies and apply fluency, urgency, and lessons to your company now.

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The Emerging 30:

What Tech Will Transform Your Next Decade The Most

F:N ranks the most important 30 technologies that will impact your organization,  profiled, sorted and rated, with a predicted timeline to mainstream impact. F:N  provides the most likely implications and leading applications for each industry, as tomorrow’s technology becomes today’s must-rely-upon innovation & transformation  standard.

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Wider Perspective

Futureproofing : Next (F:N) provides the broadest palette & top applications across the full spectrum of tech, customizable for your interests. Forget near-sighted specialists, get some future guidance..

Inspiring Possibilities

Unlike every other tech vendor, F:N actually ranks technologies impact and leading uses by function and industry through five key criteria. No flippant opinion or sitting on the fence here.  

Practical Value

F:N provides timelines to impact, in-market examples, interesting new developments and what to do in the short-, mid- and long-term. This is real tech for business leaders.

  • Technology/Digital
  • Trends/Foresight
  • Business/Process Transformation
  • CIOs/CTOs/CDOs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership/Boards
  • innovation Teams
  • Visioning
  • Scenario Development
  • Opportunity Sourcing
  • Threat Detection
  • Keynote
  • Executive Brieifng
  • Innovation Immersions
  • Integr. Forces Workshop


Tech is not for just for tech people anymore:

  • Importance to Society – 42% believe technology has been the biggest factor in progress over the last 50 years – #1 rank (Pew)
  • Top and Bottom-Line Windfall- represents a $20 trillion future opportunity – 30% of the world economy and top CEO agenda item (IDC)
  • Breadth of Impact  – used to drive revenue, innovate, deliver better experience, reduce costs, acquire customers, deliver intelligence and drive future of work (Futureproofing; Next)
  • Speed & Techno-span – technology changes are so fast (e.g. computing speed doubles every 2 years) and we are covering an incredible gamut – 30×10 types of technology (F:N) – people lose track of the future if they stop learning about it
  • Leading Indicator of Success – twice as many top-performing companies classify themselves as digital-first (Adobe)


One-of-a-kind understanding of technology and its impacts:

  • Ranking Rigor – each year we put in the hard work to rank and chart new developments so you don’t have to
  • In-Market Evidence  – shining examples of technology brought to light in real settings & proof of concepts
  • Leading Applications  – thoughts on best use cases for the specific technology, industry and/or company being presented to
  • Corporate Ready – applied innovation excellence, wider organization focus and business-level speak
  • Now : Near : Next Tech – provision for what to do with this learning tomorrow,  the nearest quarter, and the next planning cycle



We took a well-honed understanding of six core business change areas:  innovation++ & business model mastery, business transformation, trends & foresight, technology & digital  fluency, brand, growth & customer intimacy and the future of work,  and married them with an investment in new marketplace, workplace, technosphere and socio-economic tools &  intelligence, Voila – the leading choice for your next company stage act and boardroom briefing – Futureproofing ; Next !

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Future-proofing NOW : Tech Faceoffs & Foresights

We don’t just hide behind a curtain or slides. Twice-monthly, we engage the brightest tech minds & change agents to tackle the most relevant topics of the future in a webcast/ podcast we call “Futureproofing Now”.

Emerging 30 Tech  – Hero Slide (ranking from 2019)

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