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Season 1, Episode 5A

The Six ContiNents of Innovation – ASIA, Europe, OCEANIA

The first of two webcasts presented by the global innovation practice Futureproofing :  Next. 

With F:N Webcast Hosts: Sean Moffitt, Andrea Kates, and a special panel of international guests. 

With all of our connected technology, the world may be getting smaller but when it comes to corporate innovation, it’s not quite flat yet.

Innovation around the world has many different nuances given the socio-economic climates, geopolitical aspects, cultural differences, customer motivations, talent mindsets, regulatory conditions and technologies at play in each region.

So we’re going to travel around the innovation world, not in 80 days, but in less than two hours. Along for our expedition, we’ve invited some of the most worldly innovative minds in each geography to get a flavour of how innovation gets done similarly and differently in their respective geographies.

Since there is so much to talk about, we are going to split our world up into two:

– Our early webcast session will canvas the smartest insights from Asia, Europe and Oceania.

– Our later webcast session will travel back to Africa, North America and South America.

What we’ll cover: 

General trends affecting corporate innovation – contrasting and comparing similarities and differences across geographies

Specific regional/geographic issues, regulations, concerns and  barriers to corporate innovation

Specific regional/geographic areas of excitement, optimism and contributors to corporate innovation

Driving technologies, customer shifts, talent and routes to market

Applicable Insights about key global business topics:

  • Fintech, AI and Machine Learning
  • Open innovation, Collaboration and CoCreation  
  • Eastern Silk Road vs.Western Silicon Valley
  • Polarization  of Wealth, Jobs & Beliefs
  • Effective  business models & shiny company examples by geography

Futureproofing Now Webcast Video

Futureproofing Now Podcast Audio

Hosts & Guests

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Indrawan Nugroho

Lars Ib

Ross Dawson


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Futureproofing Now Hosts:

Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates

About This EpisOde

0:00 Intro, Context and Advance Poll Question – “What’s the biggest influence behind your region’s innovation success?”

6:40  Regional Headlines

8:30  Trust in Business By Region

12:25 Innovation Geography – leading cities by region

13;20 The Big Picture – not just one Asia, the effects of legacy challenges, risk aversion, questioning authority and  power distance

24:35 Thr Oceanic Perspective with Ross Dawson – healthy startup scene, lagging corporate innovation and government help – focus on health, agriculture and crowdsourcing/crowdfunding

31:00 The European Perspective – regulatory challenge, Brexit, talent & quality of life, no Silicon Valley bubble but the more compelling need to understand other regions

37:30 Biggest Contribtors by Region – Ocenaia – entrepreneurial culture and distributed companies / Europe – core ethos on sustainability/quality of life, regulatory involvement and impact on the UK exit  / Asia – mass population, primed customers and problem-solution focus

45:15 Ease of Doing Business in Regions,  Leading disrupted industries – Europe (fintech), Asia (retail & commerce) and Oceania (health care & agritech)

47:30 Top Emerging Technology by Region – Europe (blockchain real uses), Asia (internet of things/smart cities) and Australia (internet of things – drones/self driving cars)

49:10 What region will win the next decade?

51:00 Wrapup – Future Webinars, Writing a Book Together. Global Corporate Innovation Playbook, The Futureproofing 66°

52:30 Q&A – Corporate Innovation relationships with startups, millennials and solving society’s biggest problems

Our F:N Expert Panelists:

Indrawan Nugroho

Indrawan Nugroho

Co-founder/CEO, Corporate Innovation Asia / Chairman - Asia Corporate Innovation Summit

Indrawan is a Business Innovation Consultant, founder and CEO of Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS), a business innovation consulting firm on a mission to help corporations design and implement innovation to drive business performance.
Indrawan is also the Co-founder of Kubik Leadership Group, a prominent group of companies in the field of Human Resources Development Consultancy in Indonesia which was established in 1999.
Indra is passionate about innovation. Among many of his social innovation innitiatives, is the Local Genius Program. It is a continuing program which scout, recruit and develop talented individuals from many regions of Indonesia  In 2017 he was appointed as Chairman of Asia Corporate Innovation Summit, a gathering of Asian corporate leaders in the area of Digital Strategy and Innovation. 

Lars Ib

Lars Ib

CEO, Business Institute Denmark

As CEO and Dean at Business Institute A/S, Lars’ work covers multiple areas of responsibility ranging from regular routines such as lecturing in business strategy and management to conceptualization and development of our education.

Lars’ ultimate goal is to help managers, leaders and organizations release their talent and to be in sync with the contemporary time.

During Lars’ +25 years at Business Institute, several milestones have been celebrated:

  • The launch of “MyMBA”, the most flexible and individual EMBA education in Denmark.
  • Manifesting the position as Denmark’s most progressive EMBA institution with the launch of our redefined, innovative and creative EMBA structure “The New Masters”.


Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson

Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group

Ross Dawson works globally as a futurist, keynote speaker and strategy advisor.

He is Founding Chairman of the Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies, and the bestselling author of four books including Living Networks.

He has delivered keynotes and strategy workshops in over 30 countries and appears frequently in the media, including CNN, SkyNews, New York Times, Washington Post, Today and Sunrise shows and many others.

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