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Season 1, Episode 9a

The Future of Work I:

Talent, Skills and Careers

webcast presented by the global innovation practice Futureproofing : Next  (


The Future of Work I : Talent, Careers & Skills (part of a two part webcast also covering Culture, Leadership & the Workplace)


In corporate innovation, it doesn’t matter how elegant your plans are or how cutting edge your technology is, if you don’t have your leadership and talent onboard, you’re doomed. Only 9% of CHROs believe their company has figured it out and it is the 2nd and 3rd most important reason holding innovation back..

Recorded When:

Tuesday 19 November


Seasoned change & innovation hosts – Andrea Kates & Sean Moffitt
Expert panel of collaborators, future-minded strategists and Future of Work specialists – Laura Goodrich – GWT Founder, Behice Ece Ilhan – Senior Trend Strategist, Mintel  and Camilo Russi – Head of Fulfilling Future


In corporate innovation, it doesn’t matter how elegant your plans are or how cutting edge your technology is, if you don’t have your leadership and talent onboard, you’re doomed.

Coverage of Topics & What You’ll Learn:

In our ninth episode of Futureproofing Now, we project what the workplace of the future will look like in 3-to-5 years and look at what companies should be doing now to reflect the trends, values and structures of the future.
 – Preview early insights and kickoff our “Future of Work 2020” foresight project and get involved
–  Get the best predictions on what the future workplace looks like from people who are fully vested in its insights:
– How to set a culture that empowers people and drives bolder innovation
– How open or closed to outside talent your innovation needs to be
– How to build and structure innovative talent and where is it moving next
– How to build and structure innovative leadership and where is it moving next
– How to build and structure innovative offices and where is it moving next
– How to build and structure innovative careers and where it is moving next
– How to lead and the traits required in the future
– Where to focus on skills that equip us for the future
– The future of careers: What does a future career look like?

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    Hosts & Guests

    Sean Moffitt

    Andrea Kates

    Laura Goodrich

    Behice Ece Ilhan

    Camilo Russi


    Our website Futureproofing : Next

    Live open survey:  The Corporate Innovation Playbook Survey

    Supporting Blog Post: The Futureproofing Toolkit 

    GWTNext: Website 

    Mintel: Website

    Fulfilling Future: Website

    Range  How Generlaists Triumph in a Specialized World  – Book by David Epstein

    Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence :  Book by Daniel Goleman

    Futureproofing Now Hosts:

    Sean Moffitt

    Sean Moffitt

    Andrea Kates

    Andrea Kates

    About This Episode

    0:00 Intro & Advance Poll Question – “Which is the biggest people-based challenge you face in building innovation & change inside your company?” Top 2 responses – #1 Poor, low ambition leadership and #2 Fear of failure and aversion to risk.

    2:50 The Future of Work Infographic – the 120 facets of the Future of Work and the notion “Culture is the Operating System Your Company Runs On”.

    4:00 The Theme of our Webcast – “The Future of Work” – various definitions from our advance survey and our Futureproofed Leader survey.

    6:10- Announcing our Future of 2020+ Foresights Initiatve  – a research safari and collective on the Future of Work.

    7:10 The Frame Up – why is this discussion valuable from a talent, skills and careers standpoint?

    9:30 – Introduction of special guest panelists – Laura Goodrich from GWT Next,  Behice Ece Ilhan from Mintel & Camilo Russi from Fulfilling Future

    12:40  How Do We Build Future-Ready Talent Driven Cultures – shine on unconscious bad behaviours and move to intended ones,  the market and workforce is seamless – the skills are connected because the market is connected, the fear of uncertainty and building change-friendly cultures, are cultures built and intentional or are they serendipitous?, the need for things to stick, the need for ambassador leaders and talent engagement

    21:15 How do we Find Future-ready Talent –  fetishizing experience and under-estimating learning & knowledge, uncertainty management skills and the need to learn how to learn – analytical thinking, stress management, energy & time management, physical well-being, conflict management, the need for connection between strategy & people, what is the role of HR?,  fear of being judged but who cares and the worse offence is to be judged on doing nothing, talent will go where the cool projects are and the world is pivoting back to larger companies

    27:40 The Skills of The Future – strategic thinking, creative problem solving, leadership skills and creativity skills as upper right hand quadrant skills, adding one skill – strategic detachment – letting go of who you are to ensure you stay relevant and not swimming against the current, skills are manifestations of culture, “fluidity” in between jobs and skills and a “yes, I can” practical optimism

    31;40 The Leadership Skills of The Future –  the 21 leader skills of the future –  the top 3 from our survey – #1 Adaptive Intelligence, #2 Experimentation and #3 Purpose-driven but also discussions on change skillset, agility, cultural elements, tech-savvy aptitudes and data literacy, the needs for leaders to be practising role models, the concepts may not be changing but traits underneath may be changing and contemporizing, the importance of “one voice” changing the room, the challenge of anchoring biases.

    41:05 Change Agents of the Future  – the need for generalists > specialists, three books Focus (Daniel Goleman),  Range (David Epstein) and Deep Medicine (Eric Topol) .

    44:00 How Can Companies Access These Skills – emphasize personal skills in recruitment, less emphasis on subject matter expertise/need for cross industry experience & greater spectrum of life skills, break boundaries & silos, the role of education needs to be reformed and the paradox between dispersed skills vs. non-diverse workloads 

    48:30  Best Advice for The Future – getting uncomfortable with uncertainty, explore distant stuff particularly early in their careers, trust in your own madness, surround yourself with people that are different, don’t wait for your organization to coalesce these people, problem solve for big challenges

    50:40 Future Webinars –  “Company purpose and meaning” biggest looked forward to topics

    51:00  F:N Housekeeping & Closeout – our future book, next webinar “The Futureproofing 2020 Awards” December 19th and our webcast hub,


    Our F:N Expert Panelists:

    Laura Goodrich

    Laura Goodrich

    Founder, GWTNext

    Laura Goodrich is an internationally recognized expert in change and the future of work. She has spent over twenty years as an innovator, speaker, coach, and advisor. She has been identified as a top 20 Global Thought Leader on the  Future of Work, Change Management, Culture and Technology. Her global perspectives on workplace dynamics and change have earned her the reputation as someone who can create positive outcomes in even the most challenging workplace dynamics.

    Leveraging extensive experience as an entrepreneurial technology leader and global workforce change expert who is always looking for an innovative way to challenge the status quo, she is a valuable asset for organizations that are working on transforming from smaller to larger size, or on change management initiatives and organizational development. Her broad areas of expertise include research, human dynamics, executive coaching, strategic change, digital adoption, organizational transformation, global workforce innovation, and interactive cinematic microlearning programs.

    Laura has authored, hosted and produced over a dozen internationally distributed cinematic microlearning programs for business and industry, she has hosted three television shows and a national radio program. She and her business partner are pioneer producers of Cinematic Microlearning programs that leverage film-making methods, coaching and storytelling into a designed process that drives true change.

    Behice Ece Ilhan

    Behice Ece Ilhan

    Senior Trend Strategist & Brand Storyteller, Mintel

    Behice’s experience and expertise include consumer culture, transmedia consumption and branding, strategic brand storytelling, media engagement, consumer insights, and entrepreneurial marketing. She is also an angel investor and mentor for early-phase tech startups. She mentors and consults global brands, politicians, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, digital tech startups, and incubators and accelerators and sits on advisory boards. She has published at top marketing academic journals. She presents her studies at academic and industry conferences, teaches several courses at graduate levels, and organizes workshops in US and across the world. Her research has received and nominated for several Best Paper and thought leadership awards and two MSI (Marketing Science Institute) grants. She also was a part of the President Obama’s election campaign at Obama For America Headquarters with the Tech and Digital Team in 2012.

    She is an Adjunct Professor at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, DePaul University. She has been the founder of Dygetic, a consulting and a cultural brand strategy company.  She consulted as the Brand Engagement Team Lead at MetrixLab, a consumer insight and analytic company, and held a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Marketing position at College of Business at Purdue University. 

    Camilo Russi

    Camilo Russi

    Founder, Fulfilling Future

    Camilo Russi has helped more than 15,000 professionals develop the necessary skills to thrive in a future of change, high demand, chaos and uncertainty.

    Additional to having a decade of experience creating trainings for corporate, entrepreneurial and academic audiences, Camilo was trained by the Danish school Kaoz Pilots to design and facilitate impactful learning experiences.

    Camilo has created talent development programs for organizationas like Robert BOSCH, Telefonica Movistar, Google, Banorte, Colombian Presidency, WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Impact Hub, ChildFund, Gensler, and others.
    Nowadays Camilo directs Fulfilling Future, an organization that equips the workforce to thrive in change and uncertainty, while creating a more fulfilling life for themselves.

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