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Stay on top of the future - Futureproofing : Next publishes the top 33 new monthly contributions, smart headlines & provocations about the future now.

FN33 – 33 Change Headlines for April’2020

March 2020 was an unprecedented month for the world. COVID-19 hit Asia and Europe late 2019 and early 2020. By March, it had reached the level of a global pandemic. "Social distancing" came to the forefront as a strategy that had been tested in Wuhan, China and proved...

FN33 – 33 Foresights for March 2020

33 Monthly Foresights for March 2020 – Beth Comstock, Stop Calling it Innovation, In Praise of Generalists, Pirates in the Navy, HBR Ideacast, Top tech Brands, Disruption Radar, Futureproofing Leadership Traits

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