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Futureproofing : Next's Expert Network

The Futureproofing 66° Global Guild

– Change Agents – Innovators – Futurists – Business Leaders –

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A Global Expert Network – It Takes a Guild …

It’s always been true that innovation++ begins with sparks, not from the center, but from the poles. Today, these foresight poles exist in many locations and are guided by the work of many people. It takes a guild to combine the elements, derive meaning, and translate those insights into practical applications.


A New Style of Collaboration  – Exponential Smarts

Designed to piece together knowledge, expertise, social insights and corporate challenges into a framework that serves its members as individuals and serves clients as they reimagine and design their futures. We have pulled together the collaborative all-stars of the future world.

Not a Thinktank, a Do-Tank – Tackling Big ChallEnges

The Futureproofing 66° Guild is a curated, handpicked group of experts functioning at the top of their game that spots early signals of emerging trends, shares commentary on innovation practices and solves vexing challenges on the horizon. We structure our interactions to give, get and actually do. 

Top 10 Benefits You Get from Being a Member of the Futureproofing 66° Guild
  • Promote your personal brand & authority in the futures/innovation space
  • Collaborate with a passionate community of sharp global thinkers and leaders
  • Participate and share in the fruits of collaborative projects & research
  • Access real-time feedback on innovation from a well-informed sounding board
  • Be at the centre of engaging action-focused interactions, on relevant themes
  • Broadcast (publish, speak, share) on an influentiual platform your ideas & ventures
  • Partner as an on-demand exepert on client projects for collaboration
  • Attend digital & in-person gatherings that are designed for maximum engagement
  • Build out cutting-edge future perspectives and frim up blindspots with a global squad of sherpas
  • Identify best thinkers, change agents and referral sources for your own projects
Top 10 Things You Give for Being a Member of the Futureproofing 66° Guild
  • Participate in a rotating set of challenges related to what’s next 
  • Actively contribute in forums on topics related to emerging trends (e.g. podcasts, articles, videos)
  • Engage in ad hoc, small, working groups focused on shared interests
  • Provide input to meaningful in-person gatherings & online meetings
  • Promote & add value on how to drive network connections in powerful ways
  • Meet and contribute once every two months as a group on conference calls and once every 1-2 years in person
  • Reliably produce deliverables when we work together directly on corporate projects and regional initiatives.
  • Establish your profile page on the Futureproofing : Next website
  • Respect for F:N’s client and network releationships and avoid negative activity (e.g. spamming, hijacking projects)
  • Live up to the six values we embrace at Futureproofing ; Next 

* Commitment is a one-year term, renewable based on mutual agreement

Sound Interesting? Apply to be part of our INAUGURAL FUTUREPROOFING 66° GUILD

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The Knowledge Gap Futureproofing 66° Solves

Fresh thinking & solutions for the future

Before an organization solves strategy, technology and experience concerns, they need to tackle stagnant ways and old thinking. Instilling innovative behaviours and culture and bringing fresh thinking to the table are the table stakes of innovation. Let F:N and their Futureproofing 66° guild bring the mountain of perspective shifts and foresight required to you (Sources: PwC/Deloitte).


of executives believe building an "organization for the future" is very important


of executives WHO KNOW how to build it

The perspective

A view from F:N’s FOUNDERS

What will we work on together

Projects & ventures from the cutting edge


Metatrrend & microtrend reports, “The Future of” industry guides, What’s Next end-of-the-year publications

Applied futures

Working with associations and clients to apply knowledge & expertise to their biggest challenges.

THEMED roundtables

Building attention and spawning debate, online, live and within white papers, for the key issues of our time and the future.

Futureproofing Awards

Functioning as judges and juries for the best who are practicing innovation, growth and futures among us.

Webcasts & Podcasts

Hosting and guesting on F:N’s and clients audio and video-based thought leadership episodes.

keynotes & immersions

Working with F:N to participate on  short-term live performances & longer term client engagements. 

Get to Know Us. Say Hello. 你好. Hola. مرحبا. Guten Tag. Bonjour.

We’re hungry to do work with passionate, driven people. The future is unwritten, let’s bring some  future chapters to life.

San Francisco – Toronto – Global

+416 458-2818


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