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Our 1-3 day workshops create the sparks that transform organizations from static to dynamic, and from slowly strategic to adaptive and innovative.

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Rapid Prescriptions to Your Most Pressing Innovation Barriers and Growth Springboards 

Futureproofing ; Next shepherds Interactive sessions that pave bold, clear paths to the future … in three days or less.  We bring a seasoned outsider perspective to the opportunities, risks and tensions your companies face. On the other side of these workshops, you’ll generate the seed directions, tools & canvases to kick your company into a higher growth gear. Death to SWOT analysis and backward-looking dashboards … book a F:N workshop and get a customized roadmap to the future.


Our general and specialized workshops include the following elements:

Concrete Approach, Seasoned Facilitators, Real Impact

Most company executives rate their agency, software and consultant partners below  5 out of a scale of 10 on being aware and staying ahead of customer and technology shifts as well as translating new marketplace developments into business opportunities. Let them help you with your current quarter to quarter needs, we’ll help identify and deliver the future.

Get the F:N Growth Specialists on Your Team

“The ability to integrate insights from multiple sources is key to getting ahead of the future. The Futureproofing : Next workshop process could easily become the new industry standard for innovation.”


Take a broad future step or build your own focused workshop from Futureproofing :Next Perhaps your executive or team needs a more targeted approach to their future. Beyond our general innovation workshop, here are the top 10 specialized workshop requests F:N receives:

  1. What do we do with our innovation audit results? address our gaps or become the clear standard?
  2. How do we increase our innovation launch & commercialization success rate?
  3. How do we become a digital-first innovation company? ways to access emerging technologies?
  4. What partners and networks should we work with to build the future?
  5. What are the key expected customer shifts? and how do we get customer-centric about the future?
  6. How do we excite our channel partners? expand into new channels?
  7. How do we resource for growth and the future of work? and upskill for the road ahead?
  8. How can be demonstrate our social innovation and triple bottom line focus?
  9. How do we brand better?  tell our innovation story? and engage more effectively with our key audiences?
  10. How do we get our executive board onside and involved with our innovation programs?



Who should participate?

Our suggested size of particpants is 10-30 people – any less and contributions aren’t fully representative; any more and consesnus and workshop flow becomes unwieldy. Ensuring a variety of functions and levels inside the company is essential. Inviting key channel, supply chain and other partners to participate may provide helpful external persepctive, grounding and buy-in upon innovation delivery.

Advance Preparation Involved?

We strongly suggest interviewing and surveying key members ahead of time to tease out alignment and vision concerns and to also maximize time efficiency of live workshop sessions by setting  a baseline of discovery in advance. Ideally, particpants should also apply thoughts and discoveries against key workshop questions weeks in advance.

Importance of Agenda?

To keep the outpiut and energy of the workshop high, having a well-structured meeting plan is mandatory. In a short time, we will  travel from: need and discovery, to innovation identification and development, to opportunity & portfolio catgorization, to voting & prioritization and to innvation enhancement, commitment and next steps. Achievement of workshop objetives requires time adherance and strong faciliation.

Defined Voting?

It’s important to establish a clear voting process ahead of time with clear statement of workshop goal and rules  & time commitment that will guide it, Advance planning should also determine the key criteria to assess ideas & innovation and anything  that is off limits. Criteria – should not be limited to the most popular choice, but should account for a portofilio of opportunities with a different range of ambition and feasability. There should be an opportunity for an “island of misfiot toys” that are allowed to stay in play and be resourced, even though fit with current corporate environment  may not exist currently.

Range of Outputs?

One of the key mistakes innovation workshops & offsites commit is to treat all ideas as the same. At minimum, ideas need to be bucketed by incremental, adjacent or breakthrough intended scope of innovation impact and by type of innovation – brand & customer experience, new product, service or process offering, new commercial market/ channel/chain configuration or structural/new business model & partnership/network change required.

Action Focus?

ideas developed should have attached: components,  key next steps, staff who would resource eventual idea internally and/or externally, how much time estimated is required to resource and get to market and how much money to test the idea cheaply & in a low risk environment and how to engage external and internal audiences about the idea..

Workshop Options?

We suggest a few value-added options to move to final canvas, prototype and project chartering qucikly:

  • Live consumer panels – getting real-time customer or stakeholder insights and reaction to innovation ideas
  • Concept visualization  – getting designers to bring to life tough-to-articulate, new-to-the-world or stretch ideas
  • Online idea/venture tracking – documenting the idea owner, thought process and commentary behind each innovation  onlien with opportunities for others to build on idea outside of meeting environment

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