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Season 2, Episode 4

Scaling Growth and Innovation++:

Managing Through the S-Curve of New Corporate Growth

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Getting ventures launched and up & running is one thing, having them stick and grow at ridiculous 10X multiples is quite another. Great ideas are worthless unless you know how to execute. And when it comes to the world of innovation+, you need to scale or fail.

As practitioners ourselves, we have launched countless initiatives, new products and ventures into the unpredictable world of the marketplace. Sometimes you here dollar signs and accolades, other times you hear crickets and failure.

In this episode, we uncover secrets of how organizations ramp up their inside swagger and outside voice and take their seed innovation ideas eventually to the bank! Growth hacking. Blitzscaling. Network effects. Hypergrowth. Demand engines. Product-market fit. Crossing the chasm. We’ll discuss them all.

Find out the dirty truth that most innovators don’t like to tell you – they have no idea how their hatchling will perform in-market. Turn to some of the experts who know differently.

Join us for our most pragmatic webcast & podcast episode as Futureproofing Now explores the secrets of scaling innovation+ on and discusses some of the 20+ factors the best corporate growth hackers and change agents get right.

With special guests:
Kent Lawson, Executive Director of Brand and Customer Experience, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Chicago)
Stine Kalmer Jørgensen, CEO /Co-founder, (Denmark)
Jed Schneiderman, Executive VP, Growth & Marketing, EQ Works (Toronto)
Ann Hargraves, Principal Mindset (Boston)

What you’ll learn:

What is the mindset difference between fast growth scale & business-as-usual?
What is the difference between corporate & startup scale?
What are some of the key factors associated with getting corporate scale right?
Does it work the same across all industries? or do you factor in different approaches?
What changes between launch, scaling and scaled up maturity stages?
Who does it best? And examples?
What tools and resources are most helpful in planning innovation+ scale and growth?
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Originally recorded::
Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

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Hosts & Guests

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Kent Lawson

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen

Ann Hargraves

Jed Schneiderman


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Futureproofing Now Hosts:

Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates

About This Episode

0:00 Introduction of Topic, Webinar and Panel

4:00 Support for the Topic – Where Scale Fails, The Components of Scale, 25 Contributing Factors, Preferred Names and Timespan

6:50 Fast Growing Scaling Companies  and Brands

%;50 Scale with Kent Lawson – the issue with legacy cultures,  different between invention and scaling, the obstinateness of corporate environments and stock price,  the art of the possible vs. keeping the corporate engine humming, the importance of finding your tribe and getting out to see & observe your custoemrs (but perhaps not the language of your customers as many can’t bridge to the future)

18:50 Scale with Ann Hargraves – the people side of scale, contributing factors, – people can’t talk to each other everyday like they do in a startiup  culture= the way they behave, act and treat other, overcome frustration, engagement and decision making funnels,  acting out of compliance vs. commitment, “if you are having business problems, you are likely having people problems”, “onboarding starts at this phone call”, big misses – don’t bring people along from inception to where they are now – an aspect of interactive storytelling, Keurig 4-part onboarding process

31:05 Scale with Stine Kalmer Jørgensen – the need for a passionate business owner/ambassadorship early on and dimensionalizing problems/solutions in KPIs/fianncial terms and windfall,  the idea of 3/3/3 of generating commitment – 3 days/3 weeks/3 months of three stepes of commitment, the enemy of innovation is running the existing business, who is passionate vs. who is excited/passionate/influential about the project

40;10  Scale with Jed Schneiderman –  being strategic vs. generating revenue/profitability podcast “starting greatness” – finding staring product-market fit, too often change projects and startups scale too early, need a customer segement that is desperate for yoru solution, people tend to spend tooo early to overcome product-market fit objections, favourable word of mouth – people talking to people, strong insight development is required, pattern recognition – can we sell similar/core product over and over, shorter sales cycles, metrics that are easy to follow and have the flywheel take effect, then rinse and repeat, risking the “status quo” is scary for people, give currency to sell new idea/breaking tradition/solving real problem, growth hacking – taking available data and adjusting quickly, get to quick yeses and quick nos for pain points in and addressable markets and sell consistently

52:10  Round the Horn : Scaling Growth & Innovation++ – if you are not scaling your empolyees as you scale the business – you will have problems, find the committed vs. compliant,  a premium on directness, transparency, accountability, talking to each other and challenging people, Andrea’s Futureproofing ; Next book tour, making conclusions actionable – the importance of templates to systematize and code culture, standard operating procedures that continually can be changed by anyone in the organization, and measurement & feedback loop for the effectiveness of the  operating wheel

58:00  Closeout and the FN Scale Barometer survey,  our new book Futureproofing ; Next – The Future Beyond Innovation, our précis and our next two webinars – Future Readiness  and the 52 Leading Business Models of the Future

Our F:N Expert Panelists:

Kent Lawson

Kent Lawson

Executive Director of Brand and Customer Experience, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Kent Lawsone is a pioneer in human-centered design and experience design with experience with AbbVie and IDEO. Dedicated to bringing human-centered design, design thinking, innovation and experience design to healthcare in order to enhance the consumer/patient experience and improve outcomes—both health and financial. 


Stine Kalmer Jørgensen

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen

CEO /Co-founder, (Denmark)

Stine brings experience from the banking and fintech sector (Nykredit, Danske Bank) to her role as CEO of, a digital holistic financial advisory service.  Stine focuses on digital innovation and business development using service design, touch point analysis and data for optimized UX and value generation. Her tool box contains team empowerment, user involvement and analytics from idea to project spec and continuously throughout the development and implementation.

Over the past 20 years Stine has worked with digital business development, transformation and leadership in both the transportation, public and financial sector. Stine has sound experience in delivering effective, engaging and innovative digital customer experiences and working with agile development teams within large corporate settings. And she has both very successful and less successful experiences with scaling growth and with corporate digital transformations.

Before founding the fintech, Stine was instrumental in building and heading the department of Digital Innovation at Nykredit, the largest building society in Denmark with 165 years of successful mortgage lending. She holds a MA(Econ) from the University of Birmingham, UK, and a MSc from the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark and is a jury member at the Danish Digital Awards.

Ann Hargraves

Ann Hargraves

=Principal Mindset

Ann Hargraves is a strategic consultant for businesses that strive to leverage the power of their team and talent to achieve growth and financial success. Her focus is on leadership, culture and process, and understands what is necessary to scale, grow and prosper in the marketplace. With extensive experience in rapid growth companies that went through acquisitions and prosperous sales, she’s an expert in scaling for efficiency and high performance with a keen eye for long term operational sustainability. Ann has held leadership positions in several high growth companies. Her focus at Mindset is on companies that are high growth and dynamic who aspire to build, maintain or enhance an environment that propels change while holding on to the spirit that got them to where they are.

She was most recently the Human Resources Director for Kettle Cuisine, manufacturer of handcrafted, small batch, all natural soups. She built the HR function and processes to assimilate the team with its recent new ownership and readied the company for its next sale a year and a half later. Ann was a key member of the acquisition team and led the shutdown of a facility in Florida while maintaining production and output throughout the process. She was chosen by the Venture Capital firm to help create a portfolio wide management training program.

Jed Schneiderman

Jed Schneiderman

Executive VP, Growth & Marketing, EQ Works

Jed Schneiderman EVP, Marketing and Growth at EQ Works, a leading audience and data platform. Previously, Jed was the President and Co-Founder of Tapped Mobile, Canada’s leading mobile marketing agency. Jed is also a co-founder of M2T Collective, an innovative training program in marketing, media and technology.

Prior to starting Tapped, Jed held senior roles at Microsoft, Bell Media and Procter and Gamble where he lead marketing, media and technology activities for some of Canada’s largest brands.

Jed is also an advisor at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone and past member of the CMA Digital Council and the IAB Search Committee.

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