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Season 1, Episode 4


“The 2019/20 Corporate Innovation Playbook” is one of the most comprehensive studies on the pragmatic aspects of getting innovation planned and done inside companies.

A smart group of 12 innovators asked:

What are the biggest contributors and barriers to mapping out and implementing innovation inside companies?

What are companies doing now?  Why? What is their potential impact on their overall business? What will change? What are their unfair challenges and advantages vs. startups?

As a preview to the full study’s findings, we thought we would engage with innovators who have been in the corporate trenches – Jaime Foucher, as well as collaborators who helped us pull together the study – Paul Barter & Sharon McIntyre – on key preview thoughts and a glimpse at the early results before September.

What we’ll cover :  

The Value of Innovation – Trend Actions & Process – Innovation Approaches – Performance – Role of Emerging  Technologies – Business Models – Effects of Culture – Changing Landscape – Methods – The Impact of Size of Company – Who is Doing it Right – External Partners – Predictions

Have an early peek with some helpful expert perspective!

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Hosts & Guests

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Paul Barter

Jaime Foucher

Shawn McIntyre


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Futureproofing Now Hosts:

Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates

Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt

About This EpisOde

0:00 Intro and Advance Poll Question – “Innovation’s is …” A Growth Driven Mindset & Culture

7:00 Jaime Foucher and The Ford Innovation Experience, The Context of Innovation and Extending into New Lines of Business as a key Objective

13:10 Distinctive Approaches That Work –  and the importance of Open Innovation, Agile and Design Thinking

20:00 Future Trends & Changing Landscapes  – cross-section of futuring and technology coming together, with #1 – customer #strategy #3 – future/trends

21:15  Successes & Best Practices – Amazon and industry poor performance

22:35 Models that Get to Next – Co-Creation, Global/Local tension, the improatance of networks and deeper customer engagement

24:15 Paul Barter and Emerging Technology & Innovation – Who’s Next, Sea Change – the average CEO spent two hours annually thinking about deep tech 10 years ago

29:00 The Pace of Technology & Innovation Thinking – Exponential technology, AI being a really big deal in the short term, better use of data, agility from idea and time to market has collapsed, the impact of general purpose technologies

33;15  Tech-driven Business Models – first principles, hwo to capture value and the high ranking or decentralized, peer to-peer sharing and data-based models, the dominance of AI and Blockchain as key transformative technologies, the transformation of three second tasks

37:40 Corporate Innovation vs. Startups – the importance of transformation on top and botoom lines, and the key external influences of the speed of the marketplace and accleration of technology and the big tech and specific tech winners

40:30 Sharon McIntyre and the Culture of Innovation  (good assist by Andrea here) and the pre-eminence of true community building and process hoped for impact on implementation/culture importance

44;30 Innovation Leadership of Companies and Management of Failure and Risk and the Importance of Learning, Iteration  & Experimentation Loops and teh Slight Skew Toward Products

47:00 The Catch-Up Mindset – embrace who you are, shoring up via collaboration, 1+1=3 

49:10 Corporate Agility – change can happen in different speeds, sizes, scale and business models, niudg9ng adjacent proejects going, getting traction going, 28% of companies are going +200% faster than 5 years ago, building organziational innovation muscles …

51:30 Innovation Process – fit for purpose, not one approach, the importance of joint ventures and rapid prototyping, and the need to bring in experts   

53:30 Leading Innovation  – the importance of integrative thinking and Roger Martin’s opposable mind, stop the flag waving exercise of eliter innovators – it’s much more of a grassroots divergent midnset approach

56:20 Housekeeping, The Exit Poll, Future webinars,  the future of Finance  

58:20 The Future of Innovation – innovation will be replaced with a new word over the next 5 years, new technologies applied to problems that seemed intractable 

60:00 Q&A – Ambidextrous Strategy – creating, delivering and capturing value, the definition of innovation changes over time  – is there a difference between acturaies & data analyst, Industry X of the Future, the changing face of education innovation, Andrew Ng’s “AI for Everyone” and high velocity change combined with thinking that stands the test of time 

Our F:N Expert Panelists:

Paul Barter

Paul Barter

Managing Partner - Paul Barter & Associates / Professor - Schulich School, EIP - RICS Centre

Paul is a global innovation, entrepreneurship and research executive with over 30 years of experience in the technology product and services sector with firms
from global multinationals to entrepreneurial startups.

In addition to Paul’s industry experience in strategy, innovation, consulting, marketing and sales, he also teaches Technology Strategy to MBA students, and writes and speak extensively about the intersection of technology and society. 

Paul’s current priority focus areas including artificial intelligence, innovation (in startups and mature firms), and how exponential technologies challenge incumbents.

Jaime Foucher

Jaime Foucher

Innovation Enablement Manager - Ford Motor Company

Jaime Foucher is a coach and facilitator for teams that are ready to innovate.  As part of Ford’s Emerging Technology & Innovation organization, she leads an Innovation Enablement team that develops custom workshops, events, and training. 

Jaime bridges the gap between technical expertise and customer priorities, applying over 20 years of experience in corporate information systems, learning technology, and a passion for game design.

As a pioneer in co-creation, Jaime has applied new techniques for integrating emerging trends, unstated customer opportunities, and cross-industry insights to inform product development in the mobility space.

Sharon Mcintyre

Sharon Mcintyre

Co-founder & Process lead - New Cottage Industries & Co. / Educator - Mount Royal University

Co-foundSharon (M.Ed., DSocSci) is working at the intersection of innovation, values and creative culture. Co-founder of New Cottage Industries & Co. Inc., an education company focused on growing practical creativity and everyday innovation with her clients.

Sharon has shared her passion for building pragmatic innovation systems with global corporations, public sector organizations, start-up enterprises, and students for 25+ years.

Sharon was an inaugural member of the Alberta Government’s Talent Advisory Council on Technology and is adjunct faculty in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University. She has deep experience in developing and delivering education programs in strategic marketing and entrepreneurial innovation at universities and in industry workshops.

Sharon has held senior leadership positions and consulted in a variety of domains including software, energy, telecommunications, housing, publishing, and the arts.  In the role of Chief Social Scientist, she supports the leadership team at Chaordix, a crowdsourcing technology and methodology pioneer in the brand and product innovation space.

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