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Futureproofing Forums: Meet Like Minded EXECUTIVE-LEVEL CHANGE AGENTS & INNOVATORS!

January-December 2022 | Global Executives | Peer-to-Peer Exchange
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About The Futureproofing Forums

Let’s be honest, cut the BS and carnival barking. Innovation & change can be really really tough. Everywhere you turn there is resistance, hostility, ambivalence, silos and status quo thinking.

– Innovation & change can be lonely.

– Innovation & change is happening at breakthrough speed.

– Innovation & change is an interdisciplinary & collaborative

– Innovation needs some smart shortcuts, and a peer network.

That’s the thought anyway. Let’s stop the pretension, innovation theatre and performance art, and get real, having executive peers learn from each other in an intimate forum.

Here’s the Format:

– 90 minutes, interactive discussion on general futureproofing and specific innovation++ topics

– 8-12 executive leaders working in spheres of innovation, change, futures and leadership

– we’ll pose five questions to guide the discussion and we’ll see where it goes

– Futureproofing Forum  alumni get access to various Futureproofing ; Next events, intelligence efforts, ventures and special year-end showcase event



Thirty-one Discussions, An Investment in Your Future, A #Next30 Discovery of a World Beyond Innovation & Change.

Forum #1 –


Business & Digital Transformation

With Sean Moffitt

Let’s discuss bringing your organziation out of its previous ways and legacy thinking – share  the way work is done so that the organizations can thrive and grow.

FORUM #2 –


Customer Experience in Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

Come examine the pleasure spots, paint points, moments of truth, opportunities for co-creation and mapping the journey of customer-led innovation.



Product Innovation & Design

With Sean Mofitt

Share & foster out-of-the-box thinking, techniques and processes for building next generation products, optimized prototypes and step change designs.

FORUM #4 –


Business Model Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

In the 2020s, the key to generating and capturing value is now configuration, not necessarily invention — let’s kibbitz about BM pivots, expansions and additions.

FORUM #5 –


Culture Change & Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

Culture eats strategy for breakfast most days, it likely consumes innovation for lunch then too – let’s convene how we build change- & future-ready institutions.

FORUM #6 –



With Sean Moffitt

Fads impact months. Fashions alter your quarter. Microtrends affect your year. Reach for the decade-defining, macro socio-economic & cultural megatrends

FORUM #7 –


Methods of Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

More then 30 popular ways exist to skin an innovation cat – agile, waterfall, design thinking, open innovation, human-based design — turn out to discuss real life application.

FORUM #8 –


Branding & Storytelling in Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

More than 80% of a company’s value is intangible – essentially trapped in a brand and the real & percived value that is presumed to exist – drop in to share your wisdom.

FORUM #9 –


Process Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

It’s cheaper, faster, better-designed and more comprehensive to bring about innovation than ever before, the pace is unrelenting – discover how the best keep up and stay up.

FORUM #10 –


Ecosystem Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

Human, relational and structural capital are shared across perimeters of companies – if you are alone in this decade, you have a target on your back – come network about networks of value.

FORUM #11 –


Change Leadership, Direction & Governance

With Sean Moffitt

Focus, purpose, sticking to your values, adapting to your environments – leadership is very different in this decade, let’s cross fertilize what the best leaders now do.

FORUM #12 –


Strategic Foresight & Horizon Scanning

With Sean Moffitt

Being great at innovation and change is always staying on step ahead of the future – turn up and find out what the avant-garde are thinking about now.

FORUM #13 –


Corporate Innovation Routes & Ventures

With Sean Moffitt

Building everything foolhardy in the 2020s – find out how to grow faster, build smarter, mitigate risk and craft avenues of new approaches for tackling ventures.

FORUM #14 –


Service Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

The job is not done just launching a new innovation – customers need to be cared for, incubated and have their feedback addressed. Keep your feet on the ground but eyes on sky..

FORUM #15 –


Research, Development & Engineering

With Sean Moffitt

What systems and discoveries are being mad in labs around the world – how do we take the best of outside-inn innovation and blend it with inside-out new forms of development.

FORUM #16 –


Radical Innovation & Moonshots

With Sean Moffitt

Huge Problems. Breakthorugh Technologies. Radical Solutions.  Transitional Pathways.  Long-term Thinking. Exponential Change. They are all on the table for discussion.

FORUM #17 –


Talent, Experience & Skills in Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

Leading teams and companies is tough.  Leading teams and companies with change is insanely difficult. Let’s share what works. 

FORUM #18 –


Emerging Technologies

With Sean Moffitt

AI. Quantum. Blockchain. IoT. There are a palette of 30-50 technologies on the rise that are changing the face of innovation. Come discover the new frontiers of change.

FORUM #19 – 


Best Practices of Innovation Management

With Sean Moffitt

It’s one thing to experiment, but if all you do is change all the time, you never get to establish and scale what works. Find out what the best practitioners are doing to set in best practices.

FORUM #20 –


Channel Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

A channel is not longer where out innovation gets sold, it’s part of the innovation offering itself. Find out how the worlds of commerce and sales act as drivers and allies to innovation & change impact.

FORUM #21 –


Platform Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

Arguably the last decade’s biggeest driver of value has been the platformed economy. Let’s build on how it continues to evolve. 

FORUM #22 –


Change Management & Organization-Wide Readiness

With Sean Moffitt

Innovation might be easier if it wasn’t for the very real behaviours and actions of humans and their leaders. Learn how to overcomer resistance and get all functions ready for the future.

FORUM #23 –


Industry Disruption & White Space Threats

With Sean Moffitt

Like many issues in life, humans push off the need to change until the last possible moments, often when it is already too late, learn how to spot the signals and respond early.

FORUM #24 –


Commercialization of Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

Innovation and ideas are worthless unless you can get them over the finish line anc create ripples in the actual marketplace. It is an often overlooked talent, let’s put it on every change agent’s radar.

FORUM #25 –


Market Innovation

With Sean Moffitt

A special group of innovators look at stagnant markets and say “pshawwww” – let’s create our own markets.  Learn and share how we create new and bigger sandboxes of value.

FORUM #26 –


Portfolio Innovation

With Sean Moffitt


One of the key differences between corporate and start up innovation is that change agents need to support a wide palette of change ventures not just one idea.What gets invested, what gets starved… and how? Converse.

FORUM #27 –


Customer & Workplace Shifts

with Sean Moffitt


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FORUM #28 –


Supply Chain Innovation

With Sean Moffitt


Historically, not the sexiest part of the innovation discussion threads, as we have seen in COVID, it is absolutely essential. Find out how to run well-integrated and smooth running change.

FORUM #29 –


Scaling Innovation

With Sean Moffitt


Some of these stages are not like the other. It may have been easy to test and prototype change for a few hundred alpha or beta testers, but how do you make change thrive for millions.

FORUM #30 –


Measurement & Intelligence in Innovation

With Sean Moffitt


One of the ongoing challenges for innovators is that metrics are often very fuzzy, loose and unproven. “Measure what matters” is particualrly important when it comes to change – let’s do it better.

FORUM #31 –


Futureproofing 66° End of the Year Showcase

All Alumni of our Futureproofing Forums

Part celebration. Part end of year networking. Part highlight reel. We bring together all the alumni of our thirty events and offer up first opportunities for 2023. Don’t miss our collection of all-stars.


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