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Futureproofing : Next – The Book

The Future Beyond Innovation

Get beyond the handcuffs of “innovation” and discover a future-ready approach & mindset for change. Transform into a top-functioning, 365-day per year company growth engine designed for real impact. Yes, it’s possible!  Get the essential playbook, field guide, manifesto and source of inspiration & resources for getting to your NEXT boldly, simply, faster and better than you could imagine.

Designed for leadership, teams, change agents and pragmatic optimists working inside companies sized  50 to 500,000 people for this decade and beyond. Authors; Sean Moffitt and Andrea Kates.

Introductory print book price $29.99/Online book price$14.99 for a limited time only, wherever great books are sold.
Enquire with us directly for bulk orders over 50 copies for your company, team or association.

Futureproofing Next - The Book

About F:N

The “Not a book” Book

So what’s our canvas?  We’ll be honest, we don’t like many business books. They are anachronisms in a digital age: too one-way, too prosy, too preachy, too sequential and outdated fast.

With Futureproofing : Next (F:N), we set out to create a different type of book ; a practical guide, not limited to the pages it is written on, and designed for change agents, executives, leaders, futurists and experts in real life.

Our “not a book” book is intended to help trailblazers plan, guide and align their innovation & transformation efforts :for  a barely recognizable marketplace, culture & society of tomorrow:

    • design-friendly – a colourful array of 18 canvases, 36+tools, 50+ canvases, templates, callouts, & exercises 
    • fresh – original content and information intended to be republished every year to stay current
    • form factor  a hand-holdable book that deserves to be on bookshelves but small enough to bring to meetings/travel with
    • gestalt & simplicity showing a bit of the chaotic universe, and a lot of the let’s focus on what’s important
    • expanded & collaborative web experience – providing a wealth of extended options and forums to go deeper on any of our book content online
    • gravitas –  substantive cues as a corporate-ready book, not a comic book or puff piece

You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their bookshelf (or eReader in modern parlance), we want to be on yours!

The world does not need another innovation book. There are over 80,000 of them currently available according to Amazon; many of them written by people we know & respect. If we wanted to be entertained or dive deep into one facet of the innovation game, we already have a full bookshelf of intrigue.

Our mission is quite different. We believe the innovation industry is asking the wrong questions about how companies succeed in a fast-moving, marketplace.  We don’t need more ideas. We don’t need more wishful thinking. And we certainly don’t need any more elegant explanations about how chaotic our world has become. We get it. To be truly helpful and hopeful, we need to deliver a practical recipe book on how the best companies deliver change, transformation & growth, not because we want it to be, but because we’ve seen the early signals for what really works. 

So what’s our paint?   We aim to be the go-to resource that curates the best foresights before us and provides a simpllified, rigorous spin on how to enable companies for better, simpler, bolder & friendlier futures (for those who embrace it).  Similar to the subject we are covering, it’s not about more ideas and invention anymore, but smarter configurations, bolder collaborations and a fuller understanding of the world around and ahead of us. With Futureproofing : Next, we have managed to fuse a number of practitioner worlds that don’t talk each other very well and fuse them into a core approach.

Too many books on change & innovation are tribalized – biased by their tech-driven, talent-oriented, innovation school, customer-led, trend research or strategy-adhering pedigrees. We have managed to bridge these isolated islands of effective practice into a Pangaea approach with supporting activities that bring it all together.  Futureproofing : Next exixts as part manifesto for change, part transformation field guide, part growth toolbox and part future in-market wisdom that actually gets companies to next. 

Catch up, don’t give up. if you are tasked with change, transformation or growth inside companies, this book is for you. You are not a garage entrepreneur or side hustler. You have a much higher order challenge. Corporate innovation is the major leagues of change. We’re here to help. It may be a quaint notion but we’d rather help companies succeed, than sell more book copies. 

“Innovation is a dirty word. There we said it. It comes in the front door with the faint whiff of arrogance and “I know better.” It doesn’t. The world requires a new beacon of hope and path ahead. We call it futureproofing.

The world beyond innovation has no finish line. In the same spirit of collaboration and collective input that created this book, we want to continue Futureproofing, not as static creation,  but as a continuing movement. Please add to the discussion and creation by contributing to:

    • – add to the insight & foresight  directed by the accompanying website links in our book
    • Our FN66 Champions  – become part of our global network of leaders, change agents, experts & champions 
    • F:N Foresight Collective Research each year F:N conducts 3-4 future-driven projects attempting to discover the shifting  future,  join our change safari
    • F:N Client Engagements – we not only talk a good game, our group actually plans and does the work too, – connect with us on more than 15+ futureproofing solutions
    • The Futureproofing Awards – nominate, judge, sponsor and/or get involved with our celebration of the best that do futureproofing well
    • The Vault – become part of a passionate community of future proofers  anticipate the future first and stay up with all news & events in our newsletter

Don’t be the lone wolf,  join our tribe of future-curious & change-committed.

What’s inside



RIP Status Quo, Reframing Innovation, Future Hope & Practical Help.


Chapter #2 : Getting Started

The Pin Just Dropped, What Now?


Chapter #3 : See - Inside Now

A Candid Look in the Mirror.


Chapter #4 : See - Integrated Forces

The Customer Kaeidoscope, The Industry Periscope & The Future Telescope


Chapter #5 : Learn - Imagine Next

Find Your Innovation Game


Chapter #6 : Learn - Inform Next

Not Just Wishful Thinking, but Experiments & Rigor.


Chapter #7 : Decide - Inspire Next

Go Beyond Ideas, Products & Services to Experiences, Business Models & Ecosystems.


Chapter #8 : Decide - impact

Prioritize the Future Portfolio of Breakthroughs, Expansions & Improvements


Chapter #9 - Commit - Implementation & Commercialization

Actually Get to Next (how novel) and Make a Big Dent in the Marketplace


Chapter #10 - Commit - Immerse Next

Make Bolder, Simple, Faster & Better Futures Habitual


Chapter #11 - The F:N Vault - Resources ...

In case of disruption, change, growth, transformation or future emergency, break Futureproofing : Next Glass


Chapter #12 : Monday Morning in the Future ...

Let’s Take This Innovation++ To the Bank … Together


Instructions, Worksheets, Research, Exercises, Interviews, Collaboration and Supporting Content

Chapter 1  Excerpt

Part of the reason business strategy falls short of today’s needs, is that traditional business training was devised to create systems for companies where the idea was already in place. In that world, leaders needed to follow repeatable  processes, establish systems, drive growth through replication, and compete against companies that were in their line of sight. Winning through operational excellence and meticulously planned, waterfall management worked well in manufacturing and leaders were charged with driving efficiency.

The 1990s brought structured innovation to the strategic conversation. Corporations adopted open innovation and design thinking to increase the pace and scope of ideas, and augmented R&D with scouting for technologies beyond their own labs and research teams. The software industry’s agile development disciplines influenced production cycles, and leaders turned to a combination of execution, innovation, and agile processes to integrate the style of tech startups into their product development cycles.

In the first two decades of this millenia, technology garage  firms, SaaS unicorns  and design shops have heavily influenced the innovation agenda. Blitzscaling and winner-take-all disruption is en vogue. Lean startup and minimum viable products and their focus on quick pivots – experimentation, iteration and validated learning is now de rigeuer   Designers and maker culture have come out from behind the curtain and become the celebrities. But for all their merits and celebration, startup and corporate innovators fail at alarmingly high rates, These developments shy away from and often go counter to solving the basic question of how companies over 50 people actually deliver innovation that sells.

Looking forward, the nature of business requires leaders to play an entirely different game. Products achieve scale through platforms much more quickly and global alliances define the competitive playing field and establish standards—especially in fields like fintech, IoT, and mobility. 

In the future, we need to master search and discovery to keep an ear to the ground on emerging trends and technologies.

We need to be alert to innovation and new signals from users, customers and other stakeholders.

We need to be highly multidextrous with important new skills we were never taught in B-school or D-school..

We need to seed new ecosystems and choose partners and platforms that can help bring ideas to global scale.

We need to mix data & tech-savvy talent with intuitive-thinking teams skilled to respond quickly to the future.

Talk is only so helpful, WE NEED TO GET TO NEXT … and get people over the finish line to their next generation of growth. It’s not enough to have feathers, you must dare to fly.

Because we live in a world where this new mindset we call “futureproofing”, is so critical to business success, we need to carve out time for an entirely different discipline than we’ve practiced before.



Futureproofing : Next  – By the Numbers


  • 18+ Leadership-aligning Canvases 
  • 36+  Change Tools Unlocking Breakthroughs
  • 50+ Landscapes with New Perspective Frames
  • 50+ Supplementary Resources Online
  • 25 Market Studies unique insights & foresights
  • 50+ Practitioner Interviews
  • 2,000+ Experts Surveyed
  • 13,000 Teams Using Approach in Practice
  • 24 Resultant Benefits
  • 4 Streamlined Steps

We’ve pulled a wealth of assets and knowledge together to help you build the future. Take advantage of our experience, perspiration and inspiration (& previous mistakes) to get to change & growth faster, bolder, bigger and simpler.

Are you scanning the key marketplace trends, CUSTOMER CRAVINGS and emerging technologies for attractive new futures? Can you accurately assess the strengths, gaps and aspirations inside your own four walls?

Clarify The Why – Transfer The Future Outside Inside and SEE (Chapters 3 &4 of Futureproofing : Next)

Navigate the future complexities, key growth drivers and important implications for your business. We help you see the future clearer.

Have Your Best Ideas Been Killed Before MAKING IT Past the Corporate Moat? Are You Conducting The Best Experiments and Acting on the Right Responses?

Focus Where You’ll Play – Launch Your Idea Rockets & Experiment Ships with LEARN (Chapter 5 & 6 of Futureproofing : Next) 

Advance your high potential ventures and kill your flawed darlings with speed. We help build an all-star portfolio of ideas balancing broad-minded intuition & the right data-based inputs.

Are you truly exploring and validating the smartest business models, products, expansions, transformations and experiences? Have you given a portfolio of ideas and techniques oxygen to breathe?

Enhance The What – Find Your Innovation Game with DECIDE (Chapter 7 & 8  of Futureproofing : Next) 

Discover bespoke paths, plans and tools fitted for your company aspiration, situation and size. We help you focus on where you want to be, not where you were, where you are or where you overreach.

Have you figured out the “how” in getting behind & SCALING your innovation IN-MARKET? Are you optimizing your commercialization potential, company-wide culture and speed?

Figuring Out The How – Generating Impact and COMMIT (Chapter 9 & 10  of Futureproofing : Next) 

Overcome firefighting and learn how to marry successful corporate innovation to business strategies and operational resources sustaInably. We help you get winning ideas and ventures over the finish line … together.

Managing Director, Futureproofing : Next & Wikibrands

Fortune 500 Strategic Planner & Innovation Lead / Tier One CMO, based out of Toronto

Global Technology & Digital Transformation Thoughtleader

Publisher of 20+ Foresight Studies & Trend Monitors

Author of Wikibrands ; Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace (McGraw-Hill)

Leads Wikibrands – an on-demand global brands & growth transformation collective

“As much as startups get all the love, make no mistake – leading corporate transformation & amplifying innovation is the peak of change abilities. It’s tough work, but it doesn’t have to be the morass the innovation industry has made it. No insta-experts here, we have taken our 10,000 hours+ of experience,  a global practitioner network and unbridled passion, to help F:N readers bring the future forward and deliver real business impact.”

Sean Moffitt


About the authorS.

Managing Director, Futureproofing : Next & iScale

Innovation Consultancy CEO & Guide, based out of Silicon Valley

Business Strategy & Commercialization Expert

Corporate Growth Expertise from over 100 firms

Author of Find Your Next : Using the Business Genome Approach to Find Your Next Competitive Edge (McGraw-Hill)

Leads iScale, an agile innovation company that translates trends & data into business growth

“With Futureproofing ; Next, we are delivering clarity, clairvoyance and confidence in four simple steps. See. Learn, Decide. Commit.  Empirical evidence has told us hope & ideas are so utterly insufficient for success.  No, the winners of the future depend on change based on decision-based rigor, an obsessive focus, a scaleable process and a more ambitious mindset.  We may have started F:N as a passionate argument against the status quo but we have turned it into a cascading movement of hope for a better way to change agents everywhere.”

Andrea Kates

The Emerging 30 Tech - Rankings, Implications & Applications of the Next Decade's Technologies

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The 52 Business Models of The Future - A Full Deck of Innovation Pivots, Growth Routes and Next Generation Pursuits

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1 + 1 truly does = 3

Fresh book + Valuable Performance!

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