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From seasoned innovation counsel to special project leadership to corporate innovator-in-residence programs, we not only help plan innovation, we also help build your capacity to deliver it straight to the bank.

Our F:N ApproachOur F:N Solutions portfolio

Innovation talent gaps? Bandwidth constraints? Credibility issues? Tough challenges?

No problem, with our Futureguiding efforts.

Love it – so you have the will, direction and commitment to get your future growth plays, innovation ventures & business model pivots moving for your company. Now who is going to help lead the effort? Hmmm …

Futureproofing : Next can provide the short-to-mid term injection of leadership, counsel and oversight to your reinvention efforts for up to 24 months.

Unlike other consultancies and innovation boutiques, our executive level-talent have more “skin in the game:” to see your projects through to conclusion and success. … without the headcount bump, silver spoon treatment  or hourly billings madness.. Let’s ensure we truly futureguide your innovation to the bank.  


    Forty-three percent of executives believe the #1 challenge to company innovation is “too much time spent on short-term firefighting”. So while your team may be focused on the present business cycle, our futureguides can help sustain your innovation capacity & credibility:

    Taking on leadership of key business model shifts, product & service introductions, process deployments, research & skunkworks initiatives

    Special ongoing & embedded counsel to key innovation & growth ventures, at a board, executive team and business team level

    Spearheading key transformation and change agendas within corporate and scaling organizations with confidence, credibility and energy.

    Helping make better decisions & challenge convention on a variety of change-driven projects pivotal to next generation corporate growth

    Acting as a third party innovation partnership and ecosystem builder, curating the best opportunities for corporate evaluation & collaboration

    Steering executive and business teams to committed purpose, actions, behaviours and key metrics, and helping manage conflicts 

    Forecasting and scenario planning key impacts & implications of emerging trends; acting as an early detection system to threats & opportunities

    Curating annual training programs & building leadership, business team, customer & partner capabilities of future-ready organizations 

    Bridging short-mid term talent gaps as an on-demand, innovation leadership extension to your executive team

    Objectively evaluating & benchmarking the performance of your innovation & transformation efforts across 15 key criteria

    Helping construct a centralized hothouse of innovation best practices, platforms, processes, structures, ventures, venue(s) and investments 

    Functioning as a spokesperson, advocate and content magnet for clearer & positive corporate futures and future-ready innovation agendas


    You can hire mercenaries, or partner with experienced talent that gives a real damn about your business. The choice is yours, Futureproofing : Next will work tirelessly to help you see, learn, decide and commit to better, simpler and bolder futures. No matter how great your current team, there are always blindspots & untapped opportunities – let’s get after them.

    Partner with our F:N Futureguides for the best innovation bench strength available

    “I view my company’s innovation pipeline as its lifeblood. Futureproofing : Next provides the best-of-breed talent to help nurture it better than any other group I know.

    If you can’t hire for your needs full-tme, Andrea & Sean’s group have the next best thing – corporate-ready, fully-vested and available innovation sherpas to get you to your next stage, whatever it is.”

    COME to Know Us. Say Hello. 你好. Hola. مرحبا. Guten Tag. Bonjour.

    We're hungry to do work with passionate, driven people. The future is unwritten, let's bring some  future chapters to life.

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    +416 458-2818

    When you're pivoting leadership and permeating a change culture, it's good to have some credible friends on your team.

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