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Participate in the Book, Get Involved in the Movement FOR THE FUTURE BEYOND INNOVATIOn.

Futureproofing : Next - the book & the movement are launching — come join us for the odyssey.

It’s not about more ideas, it’s about making the right ones happen.

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Every movement started somewhere – and they usually BEGIN WITH four ingredients…

  • A shared motivation and commitment – we simply have to change, innovation and transform better, bigger, bolder and simpler.
  • A collaborative mindset for the future – there are plenty of ways for the miost informed and passionate among you to particpate.
  • A common enemy – organziational status quo, incrmentalism, innovation theatre and future moonshots in the dark.
  • A tribe of smart, interested and commited people – change agents, leaders, transformationists – most notably you.

We’d be grateful for your support and involvement below.

PROVIDE A Testimonial or praise for the book

You are the company you keep after all. We’d be grateful for your advocacy and support. Sincere pleases and authentic thank yous.


Online word of mouth is just as needed as the real life version.. Please let us know if you’d like to read the full ebook and we will send a digital version post-launch.

Company Involvement

We’d value an opportunity to be introduced inside your four walls and have customizable platinum sponsor, gold partner or silver advocate positions for our book rollout. Options could include: a book tour, executive briefing, team workshop , training session or event keynote,.

Individual Involvement

We are building a community of colleagues, peers and stransgers from around the world who believe we actually can build better, bigger, bolder and simpler futures. We have more than 12 ways to participate in our book venture (profiled below). Join our circle.

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We’re hungry to do work with passionate, driven people. The future is unwritten, let’s bring some  future chapters to life.

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We've not just launched a book, we've launched a movement. get in touch with us to know how to particIpate.

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