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Author Episode #6 : Amy Edmondson with Andrea Kates, The Fearless Organization

In the Author’s Studio: The Fearless Organization. Amy Edmondson in conversation with Andrea Kates, Futureproofing : Next

In this episode of Futureproofing Next’s In the Author’s Studio, we speak with Amy Edmondson, author of The Fearless Organization. Edmondson’s groundbreaking research in the importance of Psychological Safety established a global standard for organizations working to drive innovation and engineer top-performing teams.

Google studied the secret behind out-performing teams, they were surprised to discover a common element at the heart of it all—psychological safety. Real life research pointed to an irrefutable correlation between team results and the presence of “psychological safety”, a team dynamic that encourages people to speak up without negative repercussions.

That revelation set the stage for Amy Edmondson to expand her insights about psychological safety into her book, The Fearless Organization.

Category: Change / Transformation  /Innovation Management 

Author Episode #5 : Greg Satell with Andrea Kates, Cascades

Corporate change needs to change. How can it be that a disappointing 74% of corporate transformation projects fail? Greg Satell, author of Cascades, How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change, has figured out why and provides a powerful alternative.

In this interview, In the Author’s Studio with the Futureproofing : Next team, Satell acknowledges that successful corporate transformation begins with a small group of people getting inspired that things can change. However, what sparks change in conceiving of the new vision is not effective in spreading that vision to a larger organization.

You’ll learn how companies like Netflix, Experian, and P&G broke the mold to move from small, team-level wins to a corporate movement. In this lively discussion, Greg Satell shares practical wisdom that is essential to getting well-intentioned change initiatives across the finish line.

Category: Business Transformation/Innovation Management 

Author Episode #4 : Henry Chesbrough with Sean Moffitt, Open innovation & Open innovation Results

Open innovation has been a staple for how the best organizations, governments and movements produce innovative breakthrough results for the last couple of decades.

The “father of open innovation” Henry Chesbrough and the Executive Director of Open Innovation at UC Berkeley sits down with Futureproofing : Next’s Managing Director Sean Moffitt and talks open innovation, what got it started, how does the pandemic shine a new light on it, a big modern paradox and what is the next generation of open innovation thought.

We’ll cover two of Henry’s books. “Open Innovation” (initially published in 2003) and “Open Innovation Results” (published in Nov, 2019) as a backdrop to our author’s studio episode.

Category: Applied Innovation 

Author Episode #3 : Robbie Kellman Baxter with Andrea Kates, The Forever Transaction

In our third episode, host Andrea Kates interviews Robbie Kellman-Baxter on her just-released March’2020 book “The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave”


Develop and cultivate the kind of robust, long-term customer relationships that power companies like Nike, Spotify, LinkedIn, and Target. More and more companies are concluding that the potential rewards of subscription-based products and services are worth the risk of radically changing their business models. They’re correct. The Membership Economy is here and it’s here to stay―and if you want to compete for the long run, you need to join it.

Baxter provides the inspiration, tools, and insight you need to build and execute a business model that will leave your competition in the dust, regardless of industry.

Category: Business Models & Ecosystems

Author Episode #2 : Tony Saldanha with Sean Moffitt, Why Digital Transformations Fail

In our second episode, host Sean Moffitt interviews Tony Saldanha on his 2019 book “Why Digital Transformations Fail: The Surprising Disciplines of How to Take Off and Stay Ahead”

Message: Digital transformation is so important, yet 70% of them fail. Tony Saldanha discovered it’s not due to innovation or technological problems. Rather, the devil is in the details: a lack of clear goals and a disciplined process for achieving them. In this book, Saldanha lays out a five-stage process for moving from digitally automating processes here and there to making digital technology the very backbone of your company.

Category: Business & Digital Transformation

Author Episode #1 : Tendayi Viki with Andrea Kates, Pirates in the Navy

In our debut episode, host Andrea Kates interviews Tendayi Viki on his upcoming book “Pirates in the Navy – How Innovators Lead Transformation” due out May 14th, 2020.

Message: There is nothing harder in business than trying to innovate within large corporations. Innovators in big companies often face internal opposition as well as their external competitors. It is the management of the core business that tends to get in the way of innovation.

Category: Business & Digital Transformation

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