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Season 1, Episode 1

How to Increase The Success Rates of Corporate Innovation

We kick off our webcast series with “Futureproofing : Next – How to Increase Your Success Rates on Corporate Innovation”,  on how to effectively and efficiently transform new technologies and market insights into commercial concepts that resonate with customers.  

Joining hosts Sean Moffitt and Andrea Kates on the webinar are two very special colleagues and thought leaders: Neil Cohen  and Samantha Yarwood who will be sharing their expertise on how to move from seeing new forces in the market to developing new lines of business.

The topics we’ll cover:

—Key themes from the 2019 innovation research

—How 3 top brands have embraced technology + applied trends

—The “See, Learn, Decide, Commit” model

Futureproofing Now Webcast Video

Futureproofing Now Podcast Audio

Hosts & Guests

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Samantha Yarwood

Neil Cohen


Our launch of our website Futureproofing : Next

Live open survey:  The Corporate Innovation Playbook Survey

Futureproofing Now Hosts:

Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt

Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates

About This EpisOde

0:00 Intro and Advance Poll Question – “Innovation’s Biggest Barrier”

8:00 Innovation’s Purpose, Difference of Corporate vs. Startup Innovation and the Modern Reason for Innovation

12:00 The Performance Grading of Corporate Innovation Practitioners and Sources of our Research

13:30 Background on Leading Innovation Schools – Six Sigma,  Design Thinking, Agile Innovation, Open Innovation, Business Model Canvas, and Lean Startup

16:00 Can These Schools Work Together? Are they substitutes, additive…..

17:00 Glamourizing Startup Innovation vs. the real complex challenges of Corporate Innovation

19:45 The Six Gaps Between Corporate Innovation Aspiration & Reality – speed,  performance, overall readiness, leadership, culture, and ambition

24:45 Samantha Yarwood, the Seven Deadly Innovation Sins  and the Fear off Failure

27:10  The Paradox of Innovation and Competing Pressures inside Starbucks

29:00 Customer Wants vs.  Unmet Needs, getting to better Prototyping, Piloting and Testing

32:30 Most Intriguing Questions About Corporate Innovation & The Role of Culture

35:10 Innovation and is Change Natural?

37:30 Room A vs. Room B Innovation – does it have to be a compromise? Can we put Innovation out of business…

38;45 Who is the Leader of  Innovation Today and Tomorrow? Continuous learning, Bubble jumping, Genuine, Admitting failure/missed opportunity …

42:00 Curating Best Practice : See, Learn, Decide & Commit

43:40 Corporate Innovation vs. Startups

45:25 Increasing Success Rates of Innovation – Behaviours/Culture, Expanding Views, a Strong C-Suite, Expanding Business Model Focus,  Resource Effectively

48:50 Next Steps for Monday Morning …

50:00 The Launch of Futureproofing ; Next and Invitations to Participate and Housekeeping

51:45 The Exit Poll, Futureproofing starting tomorrow ….

Our F:N Expert Panelists:

Samantha Yarwood

Samantha Yarwood

Chief Innovation & Inspiration Officer, Shift Toronto

Samantha’s purpose in life is to inspire creativity to reimagine the possible and create a culture of goodness.

For the past 15+ years Samantha has been working  on building the brand, creating community, and inspiring through innovation with Starbucks. Her breadth of international experience includes: Leading teams across multiple markets, through the lens of innovation and creative process, brand management, organizational development, product/portfolio development, and leading cross-functional project teams.

Recently, Samatha left the corporate world to start her own consulting company, SHIFT. giving people and organizations what they need to unleash their inner master; the tools, guides and insights to boost the way they live their lives, innovate and create.

Samantha was the innovation lead for Nestle and Starbucks and works with Innovation Culture Group in training and project design.

Neil Cohen

Neil Cohen

Professor, Silicon Valley Advisor, Mentor, Marketing Therapist

Professor, Advisor, mentor and Marketing terapristNeil helps companies focus on what’s important. 

Having a successful track record with more than 100+ start-ups and scores of enterprises, Neil has more than 35 years of experience creating, building and managing brands and currently consults with companies on  business and innovation strategies, teaches marketing at San Francisco State University College of Business, serves as advisor to three start-ups, is the Silicon-Valley Liaison and Mentor for Startup Mexico, is a mentor for Puerto Rico’s Parallel18, Santiago’s Startup Chile and IndieBio.

Prior to consulting, Neil lead marketing and sales at one of the first B2B exchanges. He also was founder and CMO of Campsix, one of the first eBusiness incubators. Prior to that, he held executive marketing and sales positions at SEGA, Hilton, Arby’s and Zircon Corporation.

Whether you are a NewCo or BigCo — Neil specializes in helping you find your focus and then translating that focus into an executable marketing and sales program. Have a successful trackrecord with more than 100 start-ups and scores of enterprises.

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We’re hungry to do work with passionate, driven people. The future is unwritten, let’s bring some  future chapters to life.

San Francisco – Toronto – Global

+416 458-2818

AT FUTUREPROOFING : NEXT, we NOT only talk a good game, we sweat one as well. ask questions & Come find out.

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