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Virtual Futureproofing :  Impact Beyond the Screen.

Now more than ever, Futureproofing : Next delivers virtual solutions – keynotes, facilitation, content, consulting and on-demand leadership engineered for online delivery. F:N provides the right pace, focus, and format that drives engagement and outcomes within an F:N online experience. Although physical presence is not possible in this pandemic, we build digital value not by necessity, but intentionally.

Everything’s gone virtual and remote these days, and people are using Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebEx to support the work-from-anywhere + conference-from-everywhere movement.

Digital sophistications is a good thing. But shining a computer camera on a traditional speaker, project leader or facilitator frequently falls flat because it’s an afterthought or a second choice.

We’ve been taking the medium of online presentation, remote consulting and special project leadership seriously for more than 10 years and we have a secret: it takes a combination of skills that most traditional speakers, consultants and nouveau experts simply don’t have yet to make: the on-camera interaction engaging, the across-time-zones collaboration productive and the stick-to-it change discipline & future mindset to seeing beyond the now.

The Virtual Futureproofing Eight 

We’ve determined within our portfolio, eight (8) types of futureproofing and innovation++ services we stand to deliver just as effectively, perhaps more effectively, in this current COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Keynotes – expanding your team’s mind and lens on the future world out there, with tangible now-near-next takeaways
  • Executive Brieifings – updating your leadership and board on key macro, socio-economic changes, marketplace, workplace & cultural shifts and implications for the now
  • Inbound Content – creating multi-media content, graphics and writing tailored for your thought leadership, ecosystem reputation, brand perception and customer funnel need
  • Foresight Ventures – sponsoring and partnering on key unexplored elements of the future with a global collective of the best minds and change agents
  • Futureproofing Sprints – fast, iterative innovation++ discovery, iteration and delivery in 12-24 weeks, backed by 50+ tools and canvases and experience with 13,000 teams
  • Future-readiness Audits – ground breaking scorecard, performance grading and benchmarking evaluation of a company’s ability to change, grow, transform and innovate
  • Remote, Fractional  CxOs – seasoned, independent staff who have been in the key client chairs before, ready to fill corporate talent gaps, special projects & innovator-in-residencies
  • Training Curricula – ability to create 3 month, 6 month and annual virtual training programs on the leading edge, soft and hard skills of tomorrow

The Virtual Business Stage Act – Seven Topics, Four Needs

We conducted a survey of busness leaders on what they wanted from the thought leaders they invited into their midst. We are simply reacting to market demand. 

Beyond the general takeaways desired (visualized below), of 18 possible topics, these were the top 7 mentioned topic areas of interest (all of which F:N excels at delivering):

  1. – Innovation & the Future (61%)
  2. – Technology & Digital (58%)
  3. – Leadership & Strategy (48%)
  4. – Change & Transformation (39%)
  5. – Customers & Brands (28%)
  6. – Intelligence & Data (17%)
  7. – Startups and Entrepreneurship (16%)

Andrea, Sean and their F:N collagues take the virtual world very seriously. And, they love online delivery.

You can’t simply present an on-stage speech, briefing or project update on the small screen. You have to prepare for the immediacy of the virtual moment, tailor the interaction so that it touches everyone watching, respond in real time to questions and insert a dose of “edu-tainment”—engaging content, tailored for the screen. That’s because Sean and Andrea have been doing it for more than 10 years and recognized early on that you can’t just point a Zoom camera at a speaker and expect people to watch. Almost 10 years ago, Sean wrote the book Wikibrands—the guide to moving to an online world. Andrea pioneered technology-based learning systems to translate corporate concepts into online delivery.

The Virtual Futureproofing Secret Sauce

1. Customization – We’re never canned or off-the-shelf. We hated it as audience members of the touring speaker circuit, and we promised we’d never do it ourselves. it may take more time, but we do the behind-the-scenes work to make sure we’re in tune with your goals and up-to-speed on research, content, frameworks, and industry examples that hit the mark precisely.

2. Relevance & Empathy – We’re pros at virtual listening. We use advance surveys, feedback loops, and pulse checks to make sure we address the top issues in the minds of the participants. We’re in the moment. Our 15+ years of experience equips us for the strategic challenges and depth of issues. Our attitude of curiosity with a dose of humor draws in executives and teams. We also lead a global guild of practitioners who represent the best in business strategy and innovation to bring the best resources and foresights to bear.

3. Range – We have a selection of over 50+ keynotes we can deliver at a hairpin turn. We know what executives want out of  thought leadership in 2020,  and we can deliver it in spades.

4. Sweat Equity – We’ve done our homework. We’ve worked with 200+ companies from large corporations to scaleups, advanced initiatives on a platform with 13,000 teams, created annual industry studies for almost a decade, and led initiatives in every industry: retail/hospitality (Hyatt, Tourism associations), automotive (Ford, GM), healthcare (Mayo Clinic, Hospital alliances), financial services (Allstate, Zurich Financial, SuMi Trust, TD), technology (Fujitsu), governments (Singapore, Canada) and causes (YMCA, Habitat for Humanity) to name a few. 

5. Corporate Credibility, Virtual Confidence – We’ve been in-residence with virtual and live sessions around the world (Dubai 2020, Cisco global innovation, Copenhagen Business School, Mexico OpenFinance, Princeton University, Stanford/Knight-Hennessy, CSW). We have also brokered over 40 episodes on our change-relevant webcasts, hosted executive and full company training series & global initiatives through online collaboration and conducted podcasts with the leading global thinkers in innovation and transformation.

6. Experience, Situational Breadth – We’re 5 star speakers and strategic facilitators: TED main stage, Aspen Institute, CxO Forum/Tokyo. Nielsen , KPMG, Edelman, and Accenture events,  Corporate Launches. Country Expansions. Important Customer Events.  Executive Team Watershed moments.. We’re global with in-depth experience in LATAM, Asia, Europe, North America.

7. Value & Delivery – innovation and thought leadership is not “play time”, Increasingly post-pandemic, if you are not delivering measurable value to your company, you will be exposed. We deliver next generation business value and outcomes and increase the skills and capacity of your teams and staff, with more practical takeaways and better returns than your $50k A-lister speaker.


“5 out of 5. Andrea brought a dazzling command of fintech issues, global trends and call to action tailored to the audience. She laid the groundwork for important collaboration and business growth here in Mexico and beyond.” —FinTech Connector


“Thanks so much Sean for a highly engaging, educational & inspiring session! You brought a rare ability to expand beyond the theory and AI innovations to important business insights & practical applications. An hour + gracious overtime wasn’t enough! Our minds are churning with the possibilities and our mission is burning more brightly than ever!! I highly recommend it for any company looking to futureproof…which should be every company, especially now.” —Key Living Executive 

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Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt

Co-Founder, Futureproofing : Next / MD - Wikibrands

Sean is a driving force behind F:N balancing out broad expertise in: business transformation & emerging tech, vision & strategy, brand & customer, talent & culture, and trends & applied innovation,  to help companies deliver “innovation you can take to the bank”

As a former Fortune 500 executive, CMO, incubator executive counsel  and four-time startup founder, Sean bridges large, scaling and startup culture & practices. He is a global thought leader in company innovation, author of Wikibrands and 16 marketplace studies. and has helped spearhead growth and transformation of over 200+ clients around the world.

Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates

Co-Founder, Futureproofing : Next / MD - iScale

Andrea Kates is a global corporate transformation specialist, tech startup CEO, and expert in “business innovation you can take to the bank”. She has worked on more than 200 corporate growth initiatives that have moved companies beyond innovation toward Futureproofing.

Andrea drives commercialization of innovation with a focus on the Future Of theme covering Mobility, Fintech, transformative AI, Future of Work and Business Model reinvention. Based in San Francisco and working with teams around the world, Andrea uncovers scalable directions for growth.

Andrea was CEO of the San Francisco SaaS technology company that pioneered the application of lean startup methods for large companies. She’s worked with fast-scaling clients including SuMi Trust (Japan), Ford (US/China), Stitch Fix, Fujitsu, JLL, CommonGrounds, Allstate and Cisco and delivered keynotes at CxO Forum (Tokyo), Dubai 2020, OpenBanking (Mexico), TED main stage, Aspen Ideas Forum.

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