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Invite the host(s) and/or guest(s) of Futureproofing Now’s webcast & podcast to appear fn your organziation.
Get the freshest thinking about leading organizations through change, innovation and growth inside your teams, groups & events.


“We not only pride ourselves in observing the world around us in its many dynamic and sometimes ambiguous facets, but with years of experience leading teams and 50+ episodes of Futureprofing Now, we are equipped to bring these observations for other organizations and teams. 

Are you engaging current and prospective customers? Are you bring together your board or executive team? Are you creating learning environments for your employees? Are you about to kickoff a new venture or round of change or innovation work? Do you want to be associated with the more relevant business, futures or technological subject matter?

Invite Futureproofing Now’s host Sean Moffitt and Andrea Kates, their episode guests and or set of futureprofing champions onto your stages, into your four walls or within your digital forums to recreate magic, foresight and intelligence.

We cover off six flavours of the societal, organizational and personal change and innovation game:

  • Culture. Talent & the Future of Work
  • Customers, Brands & Growth
  • Innovation++, Ventures & Business Models
  • Purpose, Leadership & Strategy
  • Technology, Process & Transformations
  • Trends, Futures & Foresights
  • “See, Learn, Decide, Commit” Futureproofing

Our personalities and teams can arrive on your doorstep with the ambition to maximize your audience benefits with our performances:

  • custom multimedia content episodes
  • interviews
  • keynotes 
  • immersions
  • roundtables 
  • executive briefings
  • co-creating salons
  • co-labs
  • workshops
  • mastee classes
  • training curiculum

Let’s build memorable and helpful  expereicnes together.

We appreciate your interest. Fill out the adjoining form and we will be in touch with you within the next 48 hours.

The Futureproofing Now Team


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