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Futureproofing : Next — The Future Beyond Innovation is Here!

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Find out the formula to change, growth & winning in a fast moving, post-pandemic society, marketplace & techno-sphere. Get customized and specialzied coverage of the six topic areas that business audiences care most about.  Choose our marquis book keynote painting the future of innovation or from a selction of 60 other corporate-proofed keynotes.


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Being fast and agile is just as important with us as it is with the business environment.  Why wait to build a better, bigger, bolder and simpler future? Let’s connect now and get ahead of the pack.

The Aspiration-Reality Gap

Bridging Company Hopes and Future Readiness

As the world gets faster and more volatile, the distance between what a company wants and their ability to achieve it keeps growing and growing, Futureproofing ; Next helps bridge that gap by curating a change  architecture that overcomes the common barriers and key challenges that prevent companies seizing & acting on early signals & opportunities, and then actually getting to next. 


C-Suite Concerned About Business Model Disruption


Executives who have made it a #1 innovation priority

Inside perspective

Two minutes with Futureproofing : Next 

The 4 x 2 Steps


1A.Inside Now (See)

Determine where your company and future-readiness are now & future.


Determine where your market and opportunities are going,

2A. Imagine Next (LEARN)

Ideate and explore new possibilities 

2b. Inform Next (LEARN)

Test and validate new possbilities.

4A. Implement(COMMIT)

Map out and commercialize a path for next

3A. Inspiration (DECIDE)

Pinpoint new areas of optimization & expansion


Make futureproofing & innovation++ a company-wide habit

3B. Impact (DECIDE)

Get a clear understanding of value and path moving forward


See –




Decide –




  • Capacity
  • Culture
  • Talent
  • Products
  • Socioeconomic Trends
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Industry Shifts
  • Customer Needs & Wants
  • Product & Offerings
  • Services & Experiences
  • Markets 
  • Platforms & Networks
  • Smart Hunches
  • Credible Experiments 
  • Open, Expert & Co-Creation 
  • Test Markets & Iterations
  • Cross-industry Insights
  • Business Models
  • Routes-to-Market
  • Branding & Proposition 
  • Channels & Distribution
  • Customer Journey & Experience
  • Talent Engagement & Experience
  • Partnerships & Alliances

  • Leadership & Alignment
  • Culture & Mindset
  • Milestones & Pace
  • Incentives & Design
  • Balanced Innovation Portfolio
  • Commercialization Acceptance
  • Learning & Analytics
  • Ongoing Transformation

Get to Know Us. Say Hello. 你好. Hola. مرحبا. Guten Tag. Bonjour.

We’re hungry to do work with passionate, driven people. The future is unwritten, let’s bring some  future chapters to life.

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YOUR FUTURE CAN be bolder, simpler and better. let's start now.

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