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F:N vision, Mission and Values

We have come to recognize the need for a fundamentally new innovation-led growth practice that reflects what companies really need and want to be successful in the future.  Discover how bigger can be beautiful again!

The F:N ApproachThe F:N Promise

Futureproofing : Next Vision

We will redefine what innovation means and make it a successful habit inside and across companies from 50 to 50,000 employees.



We are zealous about business-altering foresights and introducing effective new-to-the-world approaches & tools that gets business to growth. Innovation is not design whimsy, it’s not a process, paint-by-numbers approach. funding model, garage venture or what happens over there. We strive to fulfill our promise of taking “innovation to the bank”.


Although we love startups, we believe getting corporate growth in a higher gear is the true “major leagues of innovation” & creates the biggest potential impact for good in the world. Finance have budgets & balance sheets. I.T. has upgrades & the tech stack. Corporate innovation now needs to have its own barometer & dashboard for success.


Over the next 5 years, we want to be known globally as the more client-focused, least arrogant and most inventive practice that outsmarts, outdesigns and outdelivers the established innovation partner competition. We are the challenger brand up against the big box incumbents. We are the faster, savvier David vs. the clumsy, big Goliath. 


Futureproofing : Next Mission

We help companies get unstuck so they can build better, bolder, simpler futures.



Futureproofing : Next is focused on delivering corporate-ready solutions that drive real benefits, real outcomes, real growth, real value and real learning.


Futureproofing : Next helps push and pull clients into less incremental & more ambitious platforms of growth and breakthrough innovation that really matter to customers, talent and  society.

Futureproofing : Next sees past the chaos, pace and disruption of the marketplace to provide clearer futureproofing inputs, leaner innovation process, streamlined innovation outputs and faster results. 

Futureproofing : Next – Values

In a world that’s only getting faster, either lead, fast follow or get out of the way.

The rest of your life is in the future, SO Lean into IT and LET’s START PADDLING.



We are always hopeful, but dissatisfied with the status quo. We believe every organization, team and person can become what they want to be with the right approach to opportunity. We don’t whine or complain, we do something about it. We believe the future can be a friendly place, but means being brilliant today. Superhuman effort & ability isn’t worth a damn unless it produces results.

To wait idly is the worst of all conditions, we either help find a way out to your growth path, or we make one. Innovation is tough work, otherwise everybody would be good at it.  We roll up our sleeves. We respect the challenge to build a better future and invest more sweat equity and left & right brain power than the next person to overcome it. We are mindful, but we are restless.

The marketplace is perpetual whitewater and has no finish line. We continue to learn, relearn and unlearn our craft to stay relevant. Success is an iceberg, with most of its secrets floating below the surface undiscovered; we need to dive there to find them, Data is helpful, but tireless observation & enquiry gets us to the magical places called foresight & futureproofing.

We embrace change. We believe a faster future always brings opportunity. Innovation is about winning, while others are watching the scoreboard. The future does not just passively happen to us, we actively can bring it forward. We admire problems. We make the volatile a tailwind. We make the uncertain concrete. We make the complex simple. We make the ambiguous sensible. We skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.

We are the Shackletons of the corporate future. We travel to the poles. We fish upstream. We climb mountains. We tap all our senses. We peer around corners. We look closely in mirrors. We notice patterns. We take notes. We love technology, but aren’t married to it. We exalt customers, but aren’t prescribed by them. We prize talent, but don’t just listen to the loudest voices. We never stop exploring. Greatness is where somebody is trying to find it.

We live with the pack, and shun the lone wolf. Growth and innovation is a team sport, not a specialist art. We collaborate because it’s smarter. We partner because it’s faster. We network because 1+1 truly does equal 3. We integrate because it’s essential. We bridge Room A to Room B, and leadership to the front lines. We detest arrogance. We think globally. We build common purpose & coalitions. We are a product of our connections.

Future-proofing : Next Live

We launched our F:N venture live on April 11th, 2019 exploring the unswerving question we have “How do You Increase Corporate Innovation Success Rates.”

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