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Futureproofing : Next acts  as a bank of Innovation Discovery. And like a good bank, we allow plenty of withdrawals, deposits, with compounding interest and return on attention. Posts, lexicon, quotes, research, webinars, videos and case studies are one click away.

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 We help innovators, change agents and business leaders get to next. Below find our “F:N Vault” bank of news & posts, library of futureproofing lexicon & quotes,  toolbox of frameworks, & success factors, slate of “Innovation Live” webinars & soundbytes  and repository of case studies and research.

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The best and latest news and insights from the world of innovation.

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Understanding the vernacular and inspiration for a better, bigger, bolder future.

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Live webinars, recorded webcasts and fresh takes on shifts and how companies change

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Six Key Gaps: Corporate Innovation Aspiration vs.  Reality

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This Month:  Dunning-Kruger Effect, Two-front Innoivation War, The Arrogance of Success, Changephobic

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The 2019/20 Corporate Innovation Playbook

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