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FUTUREPROOFING 66° – The Guild of Change Agents, Futurists, Innovators & Leaders, and an Invite 

The lone creative wolf, the genius savant, the skilled virtuoso – unfortunately, they don’t have a chance in today’s innovation economy. Unless you can bring together a diverse array of talents, disciplines and perspectives to a business challenge you are pooched.

With accelerating trends, one-to-one customer targeting, borderless industries, cultural entanglements and splintering technology, real change demands multi-dextrous approaches to solutions. What the world needs is a guild of future all-stars, right?

Now if this was medieval times, in the absence of the ability to share resources easily, royalty such as the famed King Arthur would convene a roundtable of experts. A distinguished court of gentry from far-flung kingdoms would engage in challenges and share their wisdom.  Fast forward to today and the need for collaboration is even more vital – the problems and business challenges posed today are even more complex and require a hive of thinkers, makers, performers and ringleaders to overcome them.

Whereas legend has it that King Arthur had 12 chivalrous knights, in truth his roundtable may have seated as many as 1,000. We’re not that selfish – we’re just looking for 66 amazing men and women. Who’s in?

Not a Thinktank, a Do-Tank – Tackling Big Challenges

The Futureproofing 66° Guild is a curated, handpicked group of experts functioning at the top of their game, that spots early signals of emerging trends, shares commentary on innovation practices and solves vexing challenges on the horizon. We structure our interactions to give, get and actually do. 

Designed to piece together knowledge, expertise, social insights,and corporate challenges into a framework that serves its members as individuals and serves clients as they reimagine and design their futures. We want to pull together the collaborative all-stars of the future world to engage in a new style of collaboration – “exponential smarts.”

So What is the Give and What is The Get?

Joint publications, collaborations and inbound content. Applied futures. Championing & contributing to client projects. Themed roundtables. Futureproofing awards judging. Webcasts, podcasts & blog guest panelists.  Keynotes, executive briefing & immersions involvement. Shared tackling of problems & expert sounding board. Everything is fair game. We’ve itemized the quid pro quo in the following two lists:

So What is the Give and What is The Get?

Joint publications & collaborations. Applied futures. Championing & contributing to client projects. Themed roundtables. Futureproofing awards. Webcasts, podcasts & blogs.  Keynotes & immersions involvement. Shared tackling of problems & expert sounding board. Everything is fair game. We’ve itemized the quid pro in the following two lists: 

Top 10 Benefits You Get for Being a Member of the Futureproofing 66° Guild
  • Promote your personal brand & authority in the futures/innovation space
  • Collaborate with a passionate community of sharp global thinkers and leaders
  • Participate and share in the fruits of collaborative projects & research
  • Access real-time feedback on innovation from a well-informed sounding board
  • Be at the centre of engaging action-focused interactions, on relevant themes
  • Broadcast (publish, speak, share) on an influentiual platform your ideas & ventures
  • Partner as an on-demand exepert on client projects for collaboration
  • Attend digital & in-person gatherings that are designed for maximum engagement
  • Build out cutting-edge future perspectives and frim up blindspots with a global squad of sherpas
  • Identify best thinkers, change agents and referral sources for your own projects
  • Participate in a rotating set of challenges related to what’s next 
  • Activly contribute in forums on topics related to emerging trends (e.g. podcasts, articles, videos)
  • Engage in ad hoc, small, working groups focused on shared interests
  • Provide input to meaningful in-person gatherings & online meetings
  • Promote & add value on how to drive network connections in powerful ways
  • Meet and contribute once every two months as a group on conference calls and once every 1-2 years in person
  • Reliably produce deliverables when we work together directly on corporate projects and regional initiatives.
  • Establish your profile page on the Futureproofing : Next website
  • Respect for F:N’s client and network releationships and avoid negative activity (e.g. spamming, hijacking projects)
  • Live up to the six values we embrace at Futureproofing ; Next 
    • * Commitment is a one-year term, renewable based on mutual agreement

    Ok but you’rE curious, why 66?:

    An excellent query, we have three answers.


    1. If you look at our guild’s logo – we liked the aesthetic and metaphor of “Route 66” – a renowned road from Chicago to L.A. that shepherded millions of migrants and tourists to the new world of the west coast.
    2. F:N staunchly believes that innovation almost always starts at the poles and rarely in the mainstream; the Arctic and Antarctic circles begin at approximately 66° N and S latitude. So, similarly, we’d like to find people from Athens to Zurich to be part of our guild.
    3. Future Sufficiency – for the ranges of challenges we anticipate ahead , we’ll actually need that quantity of skilled experts across that six-seven skills and eleven disciplines (see below).

    What type of people is F:N LOOKING FOR?

    As shown above, Futureproofing : Next has cast its net wide geographically, functionally and skill-wise to build a global hub of expertise.

    Behind any great movement, there are usually 7 types of people- pioneers, trendsetters, change agents ringleaders, experts, celebrities and champions.. We want elements of all.

    Behind any great innovation effort, there are usually 11 types of mastery: strategy, innovation, foresight, technology, customer, design, transformation, talent, commercialization, industry depth and special other talents, We need that expanse to support our view of innovation.

    We’ve identified many of the candidate cities where we might likely find these people.

    The only other override is people who are motivated to work with us and share our values: 

    Sound Interesting? Apply to be part of our INAUGURAL FUTUREPROOFING 66° GUILD

    • Just tell us three things:
      • Why you want to join our guild and potential areas of contribution
      • What three future-related subjects do you have expertise or mastery of?
      • Provide your current location/title/compaany/contact information.

    The Reason We’re Excited About This…

    what’s missing today in corporate innovation is a mechanism tHAT …

    … connects people and makes it easier to approach problems collaboratively and challenge each other to think more expansively about the future … all in the pursuit of common goals.

    Your business card should not define what you work on. In 2020, we see innovation delivery like a marriage between how directors produce movies and how the on-demand marketplace works – get the best, values-conscious talent working on your business wherever they exist, whenever there is need.

    Sean Moffitt & Andrea Kates, F:N Co-founders


    We operate at the intersection of the future and business.

    We live between early stage idea and reliable growth.

    We help deliver innovation competence and confidence.

    Our PortfolioOur Team
    Sean Moffitt

    Sean Moffitt

    Co-Founder, Futureproofing : Next / MD - Wikibrands

    Sean is a driving force behind F:N balancing out broad expertise in: business transformation & emerging tech, vision & strategy, brand & customer, talent & culture, and trends & applied innovation,  to help companies deliver “innovation you can take to the bank”

    As a former Fortune 500 executive, CMO, incubator executive counsel  and four-time startup founder, Sean bridges large, scaling and startup culture & practices. He is a global thought leader in company innovation, author of Wikibrands and 16 marketplace studies. and has helped spearhead growth and transformation of over 200+ clients around the world.

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