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Senior leadership within companies are the biggest enablers of better futures and innovation. The challenge is what got them in the big chairs is likely not what is going to keep them there.

Fast-growing and visionary companies have executive leadership and boards that provide the requisite knowledge, fluency and mindset to anticipate the future for an increasingly complex world. They need to continue to stay up to speed. Enter Futureproofing : Next. 

Slow-growing and stagnant companies have issues with non-digital mindsets, siloed cultures and aversion to risk. They need an intervention.  Enter Futureproofing : Next.

Some evidence on need ? Don’t take our word for this, look at what other credible sources are saying the same thing:

Growth Issues – 78% of CEOs don’t believe their leaders excel at driving growth (Source: Strategy&)

Customer Issues – 88% of executives believe that they have to get closer to customers (Source: McKisney)

Digital Issues – 70% of CEOs are concerned about the digital skills of their leadership team (Source: PwC)

Future Issues – Leadership understands trends & technology – 96% in advanced companies understand significantly, but only 7% in lagging companies (Source: Deloitte)

Change Issues  – People being “afraid or unable to change” is recognized as the #1 barrier preventing people achicving growth, 49% rate this as high (Source: Accenture)

Innovation & Culture Issues – 75% of senior executives think they have a culture of innovation, experimentation and risk-taking, only 37% of their employees agree (Source: Capgemini)  

What is apparent is that become a futureproofed company is an organization-wide challenge with a big “but”:  it starts with leadership; by most accounts, leadership has blind spots; and there is much different bar of success that front line staff, customers and stakeholders hold for their leadership teams have for understanding the future.    

The F:N ExecutivE Leadership Series – FIVE FLAVOURS

Givcn our depth of foresight research and range of keynotes, workshops and research, we are launching five varietals of futures-based leadership. Mix and match if you please:

I. Future Shifts & Trends – based on our future scenario work, trend monitors, Metatrends, Hockeystick Index and the X-Industry Disruption report
II. Customers & Growth –  based on our brand, growth and customer work , Wikibrands Brand & Customer Drivers, the Customer Zeitgeist and Scale & Growth Field Guide
III. Digital & Technology – based on our digital transformation work, the Emerging 30 Technologies, the Digital Periscope and Digital Transformation Report
IV. Change & Innovation – based on our futureproofing & innovation work, the Corporate Innovation Playbook, 52 Business Models and Futureproofing:Next book and audit
V. Culture & Talent – baeed on our change management & leadership work, The Future of Work, Skills of The Future and The Futureproofed Leader

Ok,  but you’re curious, why Futureproofing : Next? :

We think we provide five inherent advantages vs. other options:

  • We are former corporate clients – we’re acutely aware, empathetic & supportive of the challenges and compromises that exist inside companies
  • We have the freshest foresights – we conduct four large studies and many smaller studies each year, you are not getting stale-dated advice
  • We are functionally-agnostic – with other companies, you get the biased argument for what they are trying to sell, we have no horse in this race
  • We have breadth – in order to pull off a series, you need to be able to come back each month or each quarter with a bank of new stuff, we have it
  • We value action – insights and learning are meaningless unless it leads to action; we peer back the veil of the future but also provide a lense to actions now


FREQUENCY :   Monthly, Quarterly or On-demand

WHERE :   In person, Web-based or Formal report

HOW :  Keynote presentation, Interactive discussion, Live skills session or Survey results

WHO : Futureproofing : Next principals, network and/or champions, joint delivery with company

WHY : Future Fluency, Key Skills Literacy, Leadership Aptitudes,  External Radar, Company Gap Analysis, Scenario Planning

Sound Interesting?

  • Just tell us three things:
    • What is your need?
    • Where is your executive team, physically and mindset-wise? 
    • What does success look like for an executive refresh or intervention?

The Reason We’re Excited About This…

OUR F:N EXecutive leadership series is whAt SENIOR people are asking for …

… continuous learning and a perpetual leadership skills refresh in a safe, honest environment.

Even leadership teams with the best of intentions lack the sinew between genuine aspiration for change and the need to carry that on into the future without getting lost into the minutiae of their day-to-day.

If they can get beyond their firefighting, what leaders still need is an independent, unbiased group that has the credibility, experience and future currency to advise us on what’s next and do something about it. We think Futureproofing ; Next hits that sweet spot.

Sean Moffitt & Andrea Kates, F:N Co-founders

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Sean Moffitt

Sean Moffitt

Co-Founder, Futureproofing : Next / MD - Wikibrands

Sean is a driving force behind F:N balancing out broad expertise in: business transformation & emerging tech, vision & strategy, brand & customer, talent & culture, and trends & applied innovation,  to help companies deliver “innovation you can take to the bank”

As a former Fortune 500 executive, CMO, incubator executive counsel  and four-time startup founder, Sean bridges large, scaling and startup culture & practices. He is a global thought leader in company innovation, author of Wikibrands and 16 marketplace studies. and has helped spearhead growth and transformation of over 200+ clients around the world.

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